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Yesterday on our walk ♥

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Ollie, November 2021
Image copyright: Photo by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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  1. alschmid479:02
  2. Syke9:32
  3. kerry9:58
  4. ian194811:03
  5. pstormont11:32
  6. tjameson11:35
  7. susanmary5511:58
  8. F10212:11
  9. 870412:30
  10. dRo12:40


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Good morning Faye and NoonieChoo, I'm so happy to hear how Ollie is loved by your family NoonieChoo! Happy you like him seeing him! :)))
Because of Covid the classes were cancelled Faye. Maybe he will start again someday. But until then we keep it up at home. He has one special toy we only keep for detecting. Has a strong scent. Ollie waits in the garage and I hide it in the garden. He comes out the garage as a flash, nose in the air and off he is. Finds it every time! It's fun and he loves the game. Maybe in Spring we will do some man trailing again. I will hide in the woods and leave a scented hanky somewhere on the path halfway and Ollie is off. No problem, he always finds me! The others love this game too.
Hugs to you both :))))

Ollie… You are such a good boy!!! I feel happy whenever I see you. Take care. We all love you here at our house. Thank You, SamSammy :)))😇♥️


I'll puzzle the more pieces just for the fun of it!
And just wondering, Ollie keeping up his "detecting"?
Love you all! ❤️💝❤️

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10 September 2021 - 24 November 2014
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