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Tornados over Græsted :-)

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Small and no danger, but rather unusual :-)))))
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  2. perleblanche0:24
  3. RZRgirl0:27
  4. alias2v0:31
  5. Ianto0:32
  6. resmut0:32
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Precisly Alias - I have seen many pics of these tornadoes taken from outside, so proberbly no scarred people :-))))

Nice shot. Would have been fascinating to watch, knowing it was not dangerous.


Joh Jens. Vi har dem bare ikke så ofte :-))))) Langs kysten kan de opleves

Correct Kay and the coast transformes them somehow :-))))

Thank you so much Jill. I love the colors :-))))

Denmark is a strange country Humminbird. I have seen pics from other countrys, and they dont look like this I agree :-))))

Hugs back Janet and thanks so much :-))))


WOW! That does look strange Sissel. I'm glad there was no danger.
Hugs ♥♥


It's unusual to see tornadoes with a beautiful sunset! Really gorgeous.


Fantastic photo, cool puzzle, thank you


Opps--here is the translation for the comment below--Jeg formoder, at tornadoer kan forekomme hvor som helst, så længe betingelserne er rigtige for at de kan dannes. ;-))


I suspect tornadoes can occur anywhere as long as the weather conditions are right for them to form.


Jeg visste ikke, at det finnes tornados også i Danmark. Godt å vite at de ikke er farlige!


I know Kay. There where pics of the damages from one in the south of Denmark. That house did not look good, but very seldom :-)))


When I lived in Kansas, I saw my fair share of "small" tornadoes. We moved to the edge of town and I could see for miles with no houses/trees in the way. Once I saw five little tornadoes across the prairie at once. But, with the right conditions, things can change-- then one heads to the basement. There is a reason most homes in Kansas have basements or outside cellars. Tornadoes are no joke. ;-))


Thank you Raaike :-))))


Very special, nice color. :-)) ♥

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