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Truck driver dog gives puppy air horn salute - Subaru-dog-commercial

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By Truckers News Staff, Oct 14, 2019.

"It's a rule of the truck driver's code if a kid pumps their arm, you give them the blast on the air horn they seek. Even if you're a truck-driving dog. That's the premise of this Subaru commercial; the latest in the company's series featuring dogs."

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My theory is that if the word you want to use doesn't yet exist, then make it up! "Crappich" is a favorite one. No definition needed. :o)


Odd English is cool; I do that too.


I will plead guilty to using odd English from time to time, but generally for effect.


My BS was in Political Science and Sociology and my Master's was in The Administration of Justice. I had to have the Master's for my job with the Federal Court so I went to AU while I worked. What fun! Believe it or not, I thought all through high school that I was going to become an English teacher. I may not have done that, but I've maintained a obsession with spelling and grammar. It makes me crazy that the English language is being destroyed by people who don't care about spelling and grammar, and texting and social media are contributing to its demise.


My mother was not the best driver's ed teacher. But she had a habit of suddenly slapping you (in the body) and saying, "WHICH DITCH?" This was because she was in a car with 2 friends when some idiot hit them head on and killed one of her friends. It DID teach me to ALWAYS be prepared to take avoidance moves in an emergency.


@KittyCounselor - you crack me up. :-)

That was actually my second Master's; I got my first one in Library Science at FSU. (The second was in English lit.) But I just couldn't go on to get a Ph.D., though I wanted to. Too much pain and depression and exhaustion.

I finally kicked my husband out (though I found an apartment for him down the street, and we're still friends) -- two days later, my GERD went away, never to reappear. - Ugh, you've reminded me of his previous wife, who was stark raving mad and shared it with the world; but I adore the in-laws, who are all still in Dublin.

Since I worked at UM, I could have taken all the classes I wanted to, for free, but at that point I was writing for publication (publish or perish), and always figured I could do it in future. That's now an opportunity wasted.

What was your Master's subject?

You play clarinet! My Bruce is an orchestra maestro and a repairer/re-seller of flutes and other instruments. He says it's really hard to make money in the music world. I have a niece who studied viola for 7 years and still plays it just for joy. I admire that so much.

When you're a rescuer, you are a hero and need no excuses for anything else you've done in your life. I love the Luna story!

And I'm like you: I need to solve the pain and get a job! But I also need Medicaid and Disability and whatever other assistance is out there. For too long I've been living on my pension, with all the tax penalties that entails. Anyone here have Medicaid? Is it easy to get started? It's almost impossible to get Disability in Florida if you're under 60.

Lol, you must hate driving as much as I do for you to remember the Miami roads. Actually, when I started working at UM, I'd already sold my car. I lived half a mile from campus and it was an easy walk. When I left Coral Gables for South Miami, I was, still am, only 2 miles from campus, and that's an easy walk, too, especially if you take the MetroRail. I was glad to give up driving. My mom taught me, and she terrified me with all her shrieking. My brother and sister were taught by Dad, so they're totally mellow, lol, but I was always expecting the Luftwaffe and tank turrets when on the highway, and I'm sure I would have killed someone, if not myself. Know your limits! :-)


Something else we have in common @Mischka - I got my Master's at American University while my marriage was falling apart. I have few regrets but one is that I didn't go to law school because too much of my energy was used in dealing with my marriage and in-laws. Since I was a rescuer for many years and can't physically do it anymore, @PutterDutt, I now monitor Craig's List every day to flag ads where people are giving away pets. It's not allowed because unscrupulous people get animals and do awful things to them. I saw a picture of Luna and called about her; he was getting ready to take her to the shelter so he brought her over to meet me. That did it for me. I knew as a big dog she'd be one of the first ones euthanized so I kept her, knowing that I'd have a hard time with her. The good part is she loved my cats. She's in a much better home now and the new owners have become long distance friends. I'm not panicky at all, Mischka. I just need to forget about the pain and focus on finding a part-time job. I made lots of money in the old days and spent it all on animals so now I don't have much money. It is what it is. So sorry you lost your job at UofMiami. I used to love going there in the summers to band camp. I used to live to play clarinet and got pretty good at. I was told I should be a professional musician; not sure why I decided not to. Again, you braved the maniacs on US1 to get to work. They should name that section of the highway Fiona Way.


Sorry the dog didn't work out for you KC, but you were wise to place her in a family with a playmate! Good for both of you! And yes, most Keeshond people are nice, but I know of a few where I like the dog better than the owner. Don't feel bad about the number of your notifications, either. Thank Heavens somebody explained that to me when I had a number like 300 in my notifications!

And a HURRAH to Mischka on getting your Masters while your marriage fell apart. Shews you have a strong mind and are goal-oriented.


@mauismom - Hello to you and Maui! I'm so glad to hear that your eye is doing better. Your doctor did a good job. I hope you'll never have that problem again.

Wouldn't it be great to meet in person? We had a virtual party here last summer, with days of planning where to hold it and everyone saying what foods they would bring. It was such a gas. I can start one again, but I'll set up a new page for it.

I'm also very glad that you're having good weather. Apparently, this is not a good year to be alive on Planet Earth for most of us.

Hey, if you want to set up a picture for your avatar, I can help you to do it. If you don't have a Pictures Library yet, the software is already on your computer; you just need to start putting pictures in.

Get a friend to email you some assorted pictures - of yourself, or an animal, or a nature view, or lots of all of those, whatever you like. Then choose the one you want to represent you. The next step is to download them, and I'll walk you through the steps.

Later, alligator!


Margie, I'm so sorry about your dog. That must have been heart-breaking.


@KittyCounselor - Good morning, Margie! You poor dear - I am very much like you. I have an alarmingly low threshold for pain and an expensively high threshold for painkillers. I've always heard that of all chronic pains, back pain is the worst, so you have all my sympathy - you too, Ellen.

Are you feeling panicky still, or are you able to calm yourself? I hate my chronic pains, which started in 1990, but the fear is worse. It gave me GERD for a decade. When I looked back on your posts, I saw the tell-tale signs that you were in panic, but I was too self-absorbed to notice at first, and I know you survived some terrible days. I'm so glad that you shared it with us. You have joined a loving family at Jigidi.

I don't know how people push through the pain. I lost a tenured position at U of Miami because I could no longer sit at a computer for 8 hours without sobbing most of the day. I've been living on the kindness of friends and family for years. When I think of so many good folks here who are innocent victims of pain (I mean, they weren't *boxers* or something like that), I am just overwhelmed by what the human body can survive and still keep going.

Well, I kind of do, because I managed to complete a Master's Degree in the mid-90s, and my marriage was getting worse year by year. But I was younger then and tougher. :-)

I went to FSU too, chiefly in 1988. Loved the town, hated the schoolwork.

Do you mean the Jigidi Notification number, which appears as red or orange? I think I took a year to figure that out, lol. We want you here, so I'm glad you're hip to it now.

Have a pain-free day!


@PutterDutt - "I hit North and the ball terrifies livestock in fields to the West." LOL! I've never even touched a golf club, so if you have to play one last game for some reason, you'd better invite me.

Your Putty must have been the most perfect dog ever, and you trained him VERY well for him to behave so ideally that he would win 33 trophies. Really impressive.

I love the story about the guy who chose the wrong puppy - suck it up, mister!


I had to give up the big dog that I rescued, PD, because my back wouldn't allow me to take her for walks or play with her. She was a Great Dane/Lab mix, really sweet dog. She's in a much better home now with a young active couple who also have a younger Lab. She gets to go on walks, to the dog park, and play with her sister all the time. It's best that I stick with cats. My back isn't going to get any better. I asked my pain doctor what's wrong with it, and he said, "anything that can be wrong with a back, is wrong with your back". groan I love Keeshounds. I had never seen one until I went to work in Miami after I graduated from FSU. A co-worker had one; I liked the dog more than him. :-) I don't know how they stand the heat in FL.

@Mischka how are you ? i hope everyone is feeling better and life is good to them and to you. i wish we all could meet in person and chat over take out food and a nice cold drink. Alas, wishful thinking.... my eye is doing better, i have allergy drops for them and the itchiness is gone. i go to the eye doc next year for my usual exam. weather has finally broken - high 70Fs and low humidity. my fan is on and Maui is loving laying in the breeze. love and hugs everyone, Penny


My sympathies, KC. My back and yours must be related.


@Mischka - Thanks for asking, Fiona. i'm hanging in there. No more trips to the ER or Dr. I just wish I was better at dealing with pain. My back hurts so bad all the time, and I'm really bad at ignoring it and getting things done. I admire people who just push on. I'm a wuss. I get up every morning with a list of things to accomplish then don't do well at getting through the list. I do enjoy my Squirrel Serenity Time in the back yard with lots of squirrels and more and different kinds of birds. I could probably sit out there all day. How are you feeling these days? Are you able to accomplish what you need to since you don't drive? Of course, you take your life in your hands driving in Miami. I'm so glad I learned what that number on the home page of Jigidi is so I can communicate with, and laugh with, really nice people. Have a Good One! Margie


I should add that putter was the ONLY speed Putter did not have as a baby. He was full-steam-ahead, or total crash-and-burn, so calling him Putter was sort of ironic. In his litter of 4 (2M 2F) he was the last to be chosen, but he outlived the other 3 and out-showed them, too. Every time I ran into the man that chose Putt's brother, he'd glare at my boy. Jealous, I think. He could have taken Putty before I ever saw him, so nya-nya! He was perfection in my (and a lot of judge's) eyes. I never dreamed that I would love, train and show a dog to 33 Group wins and placements.


Actually, a while back some sweet person made an extensive comment to me in a language I didn't recognize. Turns out the writer was an East Indian, and Dutt is a common name where he's from! Most folks probably assume that I am a golfer and named Putter for that, but you could NOT be further from the truth. Hate the game. I hit North and the ball terrifies livestock in fields to the West.


@mauismom, @KittyCounselor - this became a sort of unofficial page for sharing news about injuries and their treatments. How are YOU two feeling today?


Hi! @PutterDutt, @Surreal_Heidi

I have a vivid recollection of filling my head with responses and jokes to you both, but now I see that I must have been distracted away from the computer, and never acknowledged you. How rude of me!

Heidi, the wedding sounds wonderful and I hope you still remember it now and then for cheering up. "I even got to sit at the family's reserved table at the wedding!" They are a special family, and *of course* you are special to them.

Ellen, I love the story of how you chose your handle. I now have a tune in my head for "Pitty pat, Putter Dutt, Putt, Putt, Putt." Putter is a good name for a pup, but you would be surprised at how many ideas I came up with for "Dutt." --
Dutton, the publisher, was the first place Ellen sold her memoirs.
"Duet doesn't rhyme, so let's change the vowel."
The Dog Show judge-in-chief is nicknamed Dutt.
"Butt, Cut, Dutt - yep, that's nonsensical and perfect."
And so on, for months.

R.I.P. Putter. I wish I'd known him.

Your collection is definitely too precious to allow cats in. You are such a perfect mom to your dogs that I presume they don't have the desire to knock things off high shelves.

Heidi, your statement that you are "regularly repairing or replacing gates" shocked me; it would be a one-or-zero-time-in-a-life for most of us. And you sound so bored and blasé about it! Lol!

"Okay, today's To-Do list: Mow and hedge the North Forty; clean and aerate the Augean Chicken Stables; go to the feed store for two tons of food (first re-fuel the truck); brush Buddy's coat; refill the bird feeder; pick some wildflowers; play with baby alpacas; fix the stupid gate."

I don't know anything about epidural blocks, so thanks for the education. Let's see, it's been about 2 weeks since your cow-hoof battering; does that mean another week before you get the next treatment? I hope the days will go quickly!

I love that Candy gets to visit the chickens because they won't all scatter in fear. I echo,
"Sweet Candy!"

How are the various injuries and pains today? That includes you, Ellen.

~~ HUGS ~~


Oh, yeah. Fiona, I believe if you look at my profile I have a basic list of my menagerie.


Sweet Candy! :o)


Today I had the joy of coming back down to earth and cleaning out the chicken barn. I have this large dump wagon that can hold 3/4 of a ton. I filled it twice with stuff from the floor of the barn. Then a put down a thin layer of clean bedding with Sweet PDZ (an odor neutralizer).The deep muck is good in the winter because it generates some warmth for the chickens, but now that it's hot outside I prefer that they have fresher air in there. Candy got to help me because she would never think of chasing a chicken. She found it fascinating to come in with me and inspect the hens sitting in their nest boxes. The hens realize that she's no threat and don't run from her. They will run from some of the other dogs.


I could almost SEE the fun, Heidi! I got adopted unofficially by Putter's breeder, Gerry Brewer. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. When she asked me to call her Mom, it made me cry.....


It was more than a good time. It was a very special day. This family adopted me 30 years ago when I moved to Kentucky, and have treated me like the family I never had. They include me in family events (I even got to sit at the family's reserved table at the wedding!) The amount of love they show to people is astounding. I've been to many weddings in my life, but never to one like this, where the love they had for one another could be felt. And they chose great people to add to the family. I had tears of joy rolling down my cheeks watching the bride's dignified looking father grinning ear to ear under a pile of laughing under-six children playing with him all at once during the reception. I couldn't imagine that ever happening with my own family.

(And in case you're wondering, the service and guests were multi-racial.)


I'm so glad you went and had a good time, Heidi! :o)


Spent the day at a wedding.... the son of a dear friend married a wonderful girl who was first his childhood best friend. It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to.

I'm regularly repairing or replacing gates. Standard steel gates don't hold up long when 1300 pound cows try to jump them, and crash land on them instead. With the right tools, I can replace a gate in 5 minutes. Bull gates last longer but weigh too much to want to handle them much. I need to get down to the gate manufacturer in the next few weeks and pick up a special extra tall corral gate for the spot that the cow tried to jump. That'll prevent this happening again.

I used to get the epidural pain blocks every 2 1/2 to 3 months, but my back is actually improving, and I'm able to cut back on the frequency now. I'm down to one every 6 to 7 months, with pain meds to fill in the gaps and around the edges, so to speak. The doctor tried a slightly different technique for the last injection, and I wasn't able to predict when it would wear off as accurately as I have in the past. I've been getting these shots for just over 21 years.


Dear Mischka, SO many questions! LOL! Yes, I've seen that commercial about the Farmers Dog food. It's a clever commercial. There's another brand that has pumpkin and berries in it, and I can attest to most dogs liking those. (Heck, all 3 of mine pick raspberries off the bushes in the yard!) I don't have any cats, mainly because I like them, but the way they get all over the place made me fear for my Department 56 collection of lighted ceramic houses, some of which are on display. I got one that was a VERY limited edition and shot to a high of $5,000.00 on the secondary market, so a cat is out of the question. (At one point, my collection was worth more than my entire house and property!) Putter is gone. I miss him so very deeply. But at least I have 3 of his kids, and he'll be alive in my heart forever. I've had all my dogs on Purina Pro Plan since I got Putter in 1996 and they're doing well. I do add a bit of milk or yogurt to the dry kibble. As for my avatar name, Putter had a bunch of nicknames. The gal that owned his multiple-Best-In-Show winning sire sang a little ditty, saying, "Pitty pat, Putter Dutt, Putt, Putt, Putt." My ISP wouldn't let me use "Putter" as someone else already was using it, so I asked for and got PutterDutt. The rest is history.

Sorry this is a bit disjointed, but you DID ask! :o)


And Heidi, how about the gate that your crazy cow smashed? Was that yet another repair job for you? Whew!


A couple of postscripts.

PutterDutt - first, what is behind your handle? Was Dutt a dog, too? Are show dogs and breeders named in a similar way to Thoroughbreds?

I know that Putter was your good buddy, because of your story:

"...made myself a Rum & Coke in a plastic cup... I heard a slurping sound behind me an turned to see that Putter had picked up my drink, carried it to the other side of the bed, set it down on the bed and was delicately drinking MY Rum & Coke!"

That is hilarious! I didn't get a chance to respond a few weeks ago. I like how he moved the cup, as though he'd be too far away from you to be detected. I imagine you didn't have a camera ready at the time, or he'd be immortalized on the pages of Jigidi.

"Putter was also a fiend about tomatoes. LOVED them even better than liver or chicken when I was showing him in Conformation. I'd stick 6 or 7 little cherry tomatoes in my mouth, then to get him all posed, I'd spit a tomato at him. Worked like a charm and broke up a bunch of judges!!"

Then I'd call you Best Trainer in Show. I wish I could have seen that! Is Putter still with us?


If only they could talk to us, Ellen!

Are you familiar with the Farmer's Dog commercial in which the young man says, "I always thought that dog food is dog food. I never realized that dogs eat FOOD!" I was sort of like that for a long time. I've never been a dog owner, to my sorrow; but I do know they're omnivores, so yours are lucky to get real, fresh food straight from your hand!

@Surreal_Heidi, you are so stoic, I bet that you wouldn't have told us if I hadn't been interrogating you. I'm glad you still have pain meds, but why do you get epidural shots so far apart? Is there a physiological limit on them?

It's hard to believe that one can survive a kick from a cow. I would think it would shatter every bone in the leg.

You might be away from home by now. I sure do hope you will enjoy the wedding! Is someone driving you, or do you have to suffer through that, TOO? :-)

If I've already asked, I've forgotten the answer - how many animals do you two 'own', or live with, at this point? How many dogs, how many alpacas? Ellen, do you have cats, too?

Whenever I feel as though cleaning cat boxes is tedious, I think, "Ellen and Heidi would laugh their asses off, you complainer!"

I've encountered warnings about dogs and the dangers of grapes and chocolate, and know so many people who say, "Aw, my dogs love them!" Well, we all love things that aren't good for us. I gave milk to cats in my youth, but I wouldn't now. I suppose, too, that Keeshonds are best fed on a diet that wouldn't be best for other breeds. You can correct me there.

I love that your dog had a haute cuisine taste for bleu cheese. That's hilarious.


Sorry to hear that you're still (always ?) in pain, Heidi. You DO amaze me!

Mischka, my first dog would eat lettuce but only if it had bleu cheese dressing on it. He and my second, Blue, both loved raisins and grapes.....until I found out that both can be hazardous for dogs! Awk! ALL of mine love apples and pears and apricots and and and, so bananas were no surprise. I generally have blueberries on my Cheerios and all 3 will belly up to the counter for the berries, though lately Seal will take his, but spit it out. Not sure what that's about.


My right leg still hurts where the old cow kicked me a solid one. All the other kick spots have healed. My back is killing me since the last epidural pain block just wore off, and the next isn't due for another 2 1/2 weeks. Fortunately I have a good stock of pain meds. I need to go to the feed store in about an hour for alpaca pellets, dog food, and chicken feed. Then unload it. Which means I'm going to be hurting tomorrow A LOT when I go to a friend's son's wedding in Louisville. But at least I can just sit around there and do nothing except relax with friends.



I laughingly dismiss you from all cat bathing duties.

NO, I would never declaw a cat, but I bet you already guessed that about me.

Both of you have too many exhausting duties, and today I've learned about one more - peel a banana, and dogs come racing!

You have to tell me about that, Ellen. I didn't even know that dogs eat bananas, but they will rush in to get a bite?

Heidi, I want to hear how you're doing, health-wise. I know that, in your place, *I* would still have bruises! You did so much work in one weekend. Does this mean that everyone can relax for a few days?

I love my animal-working women, and I always want to know how you're doing, health-wise, herd-wise, mentally, physically, all of it.

Super Hugs from Miami!


They still have teeth, even if they've been declawed. I know even I'm not suicidal enough to want to bathe a herd of cats.


Have they been declawed???


Oh, c'mon, @PutterDutt, I was sure of your help in bathing them!


I can't even imagine the FUN of bathing a herd of cats!


Yes, dj, you're right; the fleas are already in the house. Sorry I was unclear earlier. The cats have been treated with Revolution, so they're all happily ignorant of the invasion. The fleas are coming after me, instead.

I'm just thinking that the kitties might innocently carry a few new fleas inside after the old ones are dead. And, of course, I might do that, too, at any time.

Otoh, I don't have mange, OR ticks, or bears or biker gangs or in-falling asteroids, so I should not complain too much. Sweet suffering Heidi! I hope you're over and past THAT horror.

Your decisions, all split-second, are more like: If I turn this way, I'll lose my arm, but if I step that way, I'll be gored in the femur... "Anything for a quiet life!" as the song says.


It is not that the cats will get the fleas from being outside while you bomb the house...if the fleas are in the house NOW the cats already HAVE the fleas. They need a flea bath before going back IN the house or it is all for naught.

Good grief Heidi, if it is not one thing it is ten!!!


I recently went through an outbreak here of sarcoptic mange instead of a flea invasion. Dawn unknowingly brought it here and shared it with the other dogs and me. And contaminated the house and my truck. It was a blast to deal with...... NOT.


Guilty, Your Honor! :-)

Dogs are more complicated. I bet you go through worse decisions than this throughout the day! :::hugs:::


You're a devoted cat Mom, Mischka!


@Donnajames - Oh, no, that's so horrible, what you suffered. And knowing that it's genetic is no comfort at all. My dear sweetheart, you had to wait a year just to get an upgraded grocery store; are you near a good hospital now?? Just in case, like?

And THANK you for pointing out that the kitties will go outside WHERE THE FLEAS ARE. I'll consult with the vet about this. I could put them into the carport for 3 miserable hours, where there are probably no fleas; or let them be less miserable out in the grass and breezes ... I will call the vet! I'm so glad you thought of this extremely important detail!

I've been sleepless, and had just drifted off when one of the cats jumped on me. So I'm not really up right now. I will have to be up to give Cricket her insulin injection in a couple of hours, so I will drop by again then.

~~Big hugs!!~~


Just read your comment on the other puzzle. Glad you had the US. The first time (and the worst) I did not have swelling that I can remember. Extreme pain and unable to walk on that leg and then came the aneurysm...I finally went to the doctor. I never made it home from that doctor's office...he sent me directly to the hospital (which was right next door). Spent 2 weeks in there (but that was 50 years ago). Nowadays they give you a shot and put you on blood thinners and send you home.


Just remember....all the kitties will need to be bathed to get rid of their fleas also or bombing the house is for naught!

How did they determine you did not have a blood clot? Just by looking?......NOT! They can't tell that way. The only way to find out is to have the ultra sound. Definitely keep after the doctors. This is going on for way too long!


Your plans sound promising. Keep at them! :o)


Thank you, girlfriends! @Donnajames @PutterDutt @Surreal_Heidi

As soon as the ER doc realized I was not about to drop dead on their gurney, she directed me to see my family doctor. I was no longer an emergency and they needed the bed. So, I will follow up.

It's tempting to stroll down the Google rabbit hole, but I think I'll wait to speak with an expert, lol.

Today I won't be able to get much done in the way of phoning for appts... The house is infested with fleas and we need to bomb the place. The three indoors-all-their-lives kitties will have to be put in carriers and taken outside to a nice shady, breezy section of the back yard, and I'm loading up on reading material and mints (so that I don't drink too much water) for the 3-hour tour.

One of the indoor kitties is a litter-mate of one of the forever-outdoor cats whom I feed, and it will be interesting to see if the latter (Sylvester) wanders over and they say hi. They haven't seen each other in at least a decade. Both cats are shy, so maybe nothing will happen.

@badwolvez1, what a fascinating story! I've never heard of that, but why not? A therapeutic Wolves on Wheels type of exercise. I would love to have seen that Afghan, what a trip!

Ellen, I promise to keep squeaking! I also need, finally, to sign up for Medicaid, though I'm unsure where to start... Google would probably come in handy *there*.


So SQUEAK, Girlfriend, SQUEAK!!!!


Thanks Mischka, this puzzle reminded me of today when I was parked in traffic and looked at the lane beside me to see I was next to a small bus full of dogs. I was none the wiser at the time but have since been informed it is now a 'thing' to have dogs in doggie daycare be taken on bus excursions. I'm still smiling when I think about how funny and surreal it all looked, especially one large dog (Afghan hound maybe?) that was staring back at me.

Anyway, take care and I hope you can get some progress on diagnosis and treatment. I know the US healthcare system is quite different to ours in NZ but be the squeaky wheel that gets the attention.


Mischka, I am so glad that you got attention, but I'd surely like to know what the pain and swelling is caused by. Can you badger the doctor a bit? You deserve answers.


Okay....what did the doctor say????? Something is causing it! .......


Heidi, I'm fascinated. Everyone has heard of Angus, of course (trivia - did you know that's MacGyver's first name?), but I didn't know anything about them beyond how to spell it. What an amazing life you lead. I admire the hell out of you and pray that the painkillers are helping.


I'm back home and free of blood clots! WHEW! I still don't know why my feet ache so much, but that's a huge relief. Thank you, my friends, for pushing me to get medical help and clear away a big scare. :::love you all:::


I raise Red Angus. My Vet raises Balancers, an exceptional named cross, which are a cross between Angus (either Black or Red) and Gelbveih (either Black or Red). Gelbveih are a dual purpose breed which produce exceptional mothers, and are known for great dispositions. Angus have the best marbling carcasses of any breed. When my Red Angus bull died a year and a half ago, my Vet shared his Balancer bull with me to breed my cows. I'm hoping to get a new Red Angus bull next March once the pandemic is really under control. Meanwhile, there are bulls available to breed my cows to.


GOOD! Keep us posted as to what is going on. If a blood clot is what you have, it is generally easily controlled. Taking blood thinners is it!!! They may have you on them for a month or two or it could be a lifetime like me.

My problem with the recurring clots is I found out I am missing Factor 5 in my blood. That is the thinning gene that prevents clots. I told my sister and nieces (they got tested) and have found out the whole family is the same...they don't have it either. Now my brother just had a minor stroke (blood clot), so he must be missing it too.


@Donnajames - you are the best. My other description for my feet is that they are hovering above hot coals. I was thinking I would have to wait until Friday to have time to return to the ER, but now I think I should do it today. I have to give kitty her dose of insulin around noon, but I could go after that.

Thank you for scaring me to death - now I really will act on it. I believe in learning from the misfortunes of others!

So EQ won! How nice! That makes him an official Champion, doesn't it? I still haven't watched the race, but I'm going to check out your puzzles very soon. In fact, I was starting to last night, when suddenly I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Heidi, you've just explained a whole lot about breeding that was mysterious to me. Thank you.

How are your bruises and pains? I think your tolerance policy is perfect and justified. I even condone laughing while sending cows to McDonald's!

I don't believe I've ever asked you what breed(s) of cattle you share your property with. You said something about a Balancer bull, but that meant zilch to me - is it his nickname, his species, his job? :-)


Sounds like wisdom to me!


Excellent advice from Ellen and Donnajames. Keep at them until you get both an answer AND relief.

The gray, Essential Quality, won the Belmont, Fiona. I have a link to the race on one of the 2 puzzles I posted after the race.

Most of my cattle are super gentle. I just have a zero-tollerance policy on bad behavior. I'm too old and busted up to risk dangerous animals any more. My cows all have to let me walk up to their newborn calves and do anything I want to them without threatening me. I need to be able to walk up to the bull in the pasture and handle him at any time, since I've seen them get burrs on their sheaths that prevent them from breeding. You can't do that with animals that attack. I only buy bulls from lines that are known for good dispositions. Not only are they safer for me, quieter calves from those bulls grow faster and stay healthier since they're less nervous and feel less stress.


I am the master of blood clots! I started getting them when I was 22 years old and have had around 7 or 8 of them. They are extremely painful and it feels like you have hot coals wrapped around your leg. Yep, hornets nest sounds about right. They are extremely dangerous and can give you a stroke (possibly death) or embolisms (possibly death) - those hurt like hell!!! (I know, I have had a pulmonary embolism!) That is also how I lost my eye!!! Yes, from a blood clot!!!

Have your doctor write you an order for an ultra sound and put STAT on it. The hospital MUST give you priority immediately THAT DAY.

This is not something to fool around with. It is URGENT that you get the ultra sound ASAP!!!!


SOOOOO glad I could give you a push, my Friend!


Good morning again! I just phoned my local clinic, and they can't get me in until August, so I am determined to return to the ER. My left foot is achy and feels as though it has hives of hornets inside, and the pain inches up my calf every day. I am unused to blood clots' rules of engagement and territory, so I do need advice.

Thank you, darling Ellen. You're right; I want to see ALL results. As though they heard you, South Miami Hospital has begun providing a website for patients to do just that. Thank you for urging me! ~~HUGS~~


Politely demand to see the results of your ultrasound! You have the RIGHT to see it and have it explained to you. The technician who does the test won't be able to say much about it, but the doctor who ordered the test MUST tell and show you! Stand up for your rights, Mischka! Blood clots are nothing to fool around with, so get the ultrasound soon, my Friend!


I'm astounded, too. Where did you get so many mean cows, and all the energy to deal with them?

Another funny Buddy story, yay! Glad you got a bonus $100, and wish it were 10 x as much.

My own pain doc said that the ER doc's diagnosis was horsesh!t, that *she* thinks it's a blood clot, not edema, and I should get an ultrasound in the next two days. So, I may have yet a third diagnosis, and I don't know whom to trust.

Still don't know who won the Belmont! I'm going to turn to Heidi's News Report for the story. "Heidi, on the ground..."

Wouldn't it be nice to take an afternoon off to talk about a 2-minute horse race? But you really take care of your neighbors and roommates, and we all thank you for your service!

Hugs again, Ellen, you deserve every bit of it. And DJ, my first super-pal on Jigidi... words cannot express...


GOOD GRIEF, Heidi! I got all worn out just reading that list! I approve of Buddy getting a little extra treat, though. He's earned it.


What Ellen said!

I've been busy yesterday and today. Yesterday I had to catch a bad tempered cow that we couldn't get to breed back, load her into my trailer and take her to the sale barn (1 hour's drive due south). Through a downpour in the southern half of the trip. Once I got back home I had to hurredly finish the mowing before the rain arrived. As I finished, the rain DID arrive and the mower got a flat tire. The mower is a 54'' Bad Boy Zero-turn Magnum. I'll take the tire in tomorrow to get it fixed. Today I had an early morning trip to pain management (1 hour drive north east), then back home to feed and water critters, collect eggs and pick strawberries. And get Buddy out of the alpaca pen after he figured out how to get the gate open. He wanted to try THEIR food. Then a drive back to the sale barn to watch the cow sell (There were 2300 cows selling today, and she went in the ring to sell just 30 minutes after I arrived. I almost missed it.) Then I grabbed my money (she brought $100 more than I expected) and took it to the bank. Now I'm heading back outside to check everybody again and pick more strawberries. Tomorrow afternoon I'm driving another friend to her pain management appointment after I deliver 11 or 12 dozen eggs to the local food pantry. This is why I haven't been on Jigidi much.


Please keep us posted, Mischka!


Heidi, I remember I'd felt like I wasn't getting enough air, but I thought it was just wooziness from not eating. I kept pulling off the face mask they gave me, like a toddler (or a puppy :) ). They kept the oxygen monitor on my finger, but you have to nail the nurses to the wall to get answers. Maybe the discharge papers said something that I missed.

Ellen, thanks so much, I love you too!

I still have a fragmentary sense of proprioception, if you know what I mean. Like being able to see your arm but not feel it, or looking at your favorite shirt and thinking, "I'll never fit into this."

My doctor today is pain management, not general practice, but I'll show her the papers.

Dj, I think I must have left for the ER at the time you were writing me. I was certainly thinking of you.

Thank you again, so much, I love and respect you all.

Heidi, I want a health update from you and your friend!

And I entirely missed the Belmont. I'm going to sneak in one more hour of sleep before I go see the doc, but later I'll watch the race and see what you all had to write. I have no idea who won. ~~HUGS~~


I was so worried about you. I hope you get some good news this afternoon from your doctor. Keep us informed. Love ya. dj


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear from you!! I've been worried to pieces. Please accept a cyber hug! {{{Mischka}}}


Do they have any explanation as to why the confusion or hallucinations? That usually indicates lack of oxygen to the brain.


@mauismom, Penny, I appreciate that!

@Surreal_Heidi, one of the last things I remember was your story about your friend whose recovered eyesight astonished everyone. It made me weepy and I kept wanting to write to you.

I have been up now and again, briefly, but I'm going back to bed now, or very soon, because I'm still exhausted.

Thank you, Donna, my sister from another mister, and Heidi and Ellen, you kept cheering me up during many hours of confusion and fear. The hospital doctor said I have fluid retention, but that's only the WHAT, not the WHY. She's given me a diuretic which makes me need to pee every half hour, so this will be fun!

i'm so relieved to hear from you. you're more than just a name, just like everyone at jigidi has become. hope your appointment goes well. :) penny


Hello, my wonderful ladies and girlfriends!

Yes, I spent Friday night at the E.R., and on Saturday I slept nearly around the clock. I know I got up at times to give my kitty her dose and to check in here, but my memory is fuzzy.

Today wasn't much better; I couldn't figure out which day of the week it was! This is not entirely my fault; my computer has a glitch that kept announcing different times and dates. Seems fixed now.

I have a mid-afternoon appt with my doctor on Monday, which is a good feeling.

I thank you so much. I'll never forget your comments. ~~hugs and love~~


I am also wondering about Fiona. Saw the posts, but nothing since. dj

just wondered if Mischka was okay. i saw some puzzles that were posted a few hours ago, but have seen nothing from Heidi or PutterDutt. i'm following any news on the trucker dog's puzzle. hope someone gets back to me, thanks.


Noticed that.


I saw that she posted some puzzles. But I don't know why she didn't comment on the Belmont puzzles. Unusual for her.


Hey, Mischka! I know you're back home, so PLEASE tell us what happened??? We are worried about you!


And her thirst for knowledge.


So am I. She's one of my favorite people here. I love her sense of humor.


Amen! I'm fond of her!


I hope that means she spent a long time in the ER and needs to sleep afterwards. PLEASE let it be that!!!


I saw a comment from Mischka on another puzzle a little while ago. She didn't say anything except that she was very tired and going to bed.


Yes, me too. Where is Bruce when she needs him......


Hopefully she's getting attention at the hospital............


I hope Mischka went to the ER. I'm getting worried. It's been 7 hours since she put up that scary post.


That is fantastic!!! So happy to hear that. :-)) dj


Miracles CAN happen!!!




I just got back from taking a friend to the eye doctor for his post surgical exam after yesterday's surgery. He was blind in that eye and they told him that this surgery was to try to save the eye to avoid needing a prostetic. He had no chance of getting vision back in it. Well, they took the bandages off, and he could see out of that eye! The doctor was in shock. He could actually read the top 3 lines of the eye chart! This made all those hours driving him to eye doctors and hospitals worthwhile. Just 4 months ago he was functionally blind: totally blind in the left eye and only able to see light and dark in the right. He's now been given the OK to drive again.


PLEASE GO, if you haven't already! We need you around here!!!


@Mischka .... You'd better be at the ER right now.!!!!! Once you start hallucinating, you're in serious life-threatening trouble. GO!!!!!


GO TO THE ER!!!!!!!!!!! That doesn't sound good at all. Get someone to take you even if you have to call 911. I'm worried about you. Big Sis :-((


I am terrified to hear that, and glad that you were so smart.

I had the pleasure of thanking a doctor for saving my life when I spent a week in hospital for pneumonia. He was being followed around by a squad of medical students, and boy, they all looked thrilled. "One day, I will be thanked for saving a life!" I sure was grateful.

But now. Um, me. In the last 6 hours or so, my feet have swollen up so that I can barely walk and I feel flushed and itchy. I don't know whether I should head to the ER myself; it's just 3 blocks away... I've been sorta hallucinatory myself all morning. I can't tell if I've been up half a day, or a week, or a few minutes. I've been yakking away all this time, right? How is it suddenly 1 pm? I meant to go back to sleep after giving Cricket her jab after 9. I'm deeply confused.


Jigidi helps me take regular breaks to sit and rest while exercising the brain.


When I got myself to the ER with the pneumonia (the drive was a blur.... and I was hallucinating) they told me that ALL my internal organs were shutting down, my white blood cell count was at zero, and if I hadn't gotten to the ER when I did, I would have been dead in less than 2 hours. I learned a lesson from that to never wait so long again.


I cannot argue with any of that. If you usually heal through tough drill-sergeant self-love, then I will hush.

Pneumonia is a terrible, punishing, killing disease. I'm so glad that you pulled through it, and had loving friends to help.


When I had double pneumonia, friends came and helped me. I have no memory of nearly 2 months. Various friends took care of me, the house and all the critters for me. I feel like I seriously owe them.


Remind yourself that it's nice to be needed, and if the world is fair, some day someone will help you.....

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