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Lovely lake time

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When I disappear from Jigidi for a few days, this is what has pulled me away - time on a lovely lake (without wifi!).
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  2. RiverSmiles13:22
  3. HollyBG13:40
  4. monet1413:42
  5. Pdonny214:39
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You're right about sticky cards, K. We still play dominoes - I play with two different groups and they play different versions - Mexican Train and Chickie Foot. I think I like Chickie Foot better.


Yeah, we have some wild domino games. Playing cards get a little sticky when camping from the humidity. we usually bring Scrabble, Monopoly, Backgammon, Mancala (when the boys were younger), Risk (for those boys and my husband- my time for me!). That was for the longer duration trips though, not every trip.


I hear you, K. We camped for many years and it was glorious. I am most happy that my son is carrying on and camping with his friends and his lady friend - a great escape during the pandemic. Many fond memories - dominoes was a big part of our camping experiences!


Hi C, We're still camping after all these years - My whole long life. Thank you for assembling all of these quintessential images of camping - whether it be canoeing!!!!(yes), reading!!!! cooking over a fire (or my gas stove in the camper - wink!), studying the animals and skies for sunrises, sunsets, Meteors, Owls and bats. Swimming is usually pretty high up there, as is hiking and exploring different parts of the country. Love the Blue and White Canoes - looks like a wood block print.


And thank you, LLAK. Thanks for solving and commenting. Have a good one.


That is an interesting square, Judy. I like it also. I guess living by the ocean would tend to satisfy that urge to be near water for you. We just never lived near the ocean nor did we visit the ocean - except when we lived in Georgia (I was in 2nd grade). Have a good weekend, my friend.


Wow, you've got quite a family, carolrobinson. I knew you had a son (who's a music teacher?) but not all the grands - good for you! We, too, did a lot of camping when my son was young and I didn't have much money for vacations. Great memories, for sure. I think the last time I went camping, it rained the whole weekend and my friends and I played dominoes for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS! Now I'm not very interested in sleeping on an air mattress on the ground - but having a little cottage on a lovely lake makes up for the lack of camping these days!


I figured out that there probably are some "typical" lake things that aren't included in this puzzle, because they are not part of my typical lake time! The books, the wine, the gorgeous views, the kayaks and the picnics - yup! That's all me. Not a jet ski in sight!

I really enjoy your puzzles, Capnjack. Thank you so much!


You did it again . . . . another beauty! I like that blue and white, 5th down on it right - it looks like a block print! I'm not a lake person, but live right across the street from the ocean!

Thanks for this fishy puzzle! Of course, I like the mask in the middle. I also like the red square two squares to the right of the mask. I never liked to fish, but I loved going camping every year, until we got too old for such things. From the time I was about 7, my parents would go camping. I had to quit at 16. Then, when we had three children and my brother had two, he said lets go camping! So we camped until they got too old. My brother and wife continued camping until they became aged My husband was in the Army Guard so he had enough of "roughing it" from the National Guard! Now we are old and enjoy going to our Grandkids ball games. But they are getting old too. We have five Grandchildren and four Great-Grandchildren . Great-Grandchildren make turning 80+ worth it all!!! Again, thanks for this great puzzle. It brought back some good memories!

Lucky you.... But, glad to see that what you love inspires you to create fun puzzles.

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