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The Trees

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These two trees were volunteers a few years ago. Now look at them. They are fast growing wild acacia trees with prickers and such when young. Now they are fascinating to watch.
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  1. iwalkden19632:17
  2. Impie2:33
  3. Pekaji2:59
  4. laskadog13:26
  5. cappy3:56
  6. EllaMB3:56
  7. JudyChaplin4:03
  8. ljh1234:24
  9. smpatricia4:43
  10. LadyTFE4:45


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Do these Acacia produce flowers?


@EllaMB since I live in the "high dessert" of northern New Mexico/Arizona area I take all volunteers that grow as welcome.....because not much else will. And trees in my neighborhood are very scarce. There's an entire tree line/vegetation line that runs along the river (Rio Grande) which is just a 1/2 mile east of me.


They're very tall nice looking trees. I have a volunteer fig that I dug up from a flowerbed and moved it to a large flowerpot. It's never produced figs.


You got that right, Pammi. I can be in the kitchen doing something I've been doing for 60+ years ....and suddenly just stand there some few seconds wondering where I was in the process. LOL


I know exactly what you mean, Anne. In fact the older I get the more bamboozled I become over everyday things I used to take for granted. ☺☺☺☺


Yes, Pammi and Impie, they can take over. But the corner where these live if where two garages and a covered porch meet so they shade my yard on summer mornings and shade the garages in the afternoon. I also have a huge Locust tree that shades the dining room, porch, and some of the kitchen in the summer. I love them and live in fear that we will have a thunderstorm that produces lightening that will take them down. Hopefully not. "Morning, Pammi?" Wow. It's not quite 5 PM here. These time changes always amaze's one of those puzzlers that my mind (which prefers concrete reality) puzzles me when abstract reality hits me in the face.


Good morning, Anne (7.40 a.m. Tuesday here at the moment). I love the look of these trees. I can just imagine them blowing in the breeze and looking even more attractive. ♥☺♥


They look beautiful, me about it..... I know how fast trees can grow...take my Acer for instance….that cute little Acer plant it was once has become a giant in a couple of years!!!:)

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