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Last year I only had little leave but this year I read up and learned what it needed. It is rewarding me. Same plants as last year only happier.
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Hi Kath, Thank You, I enjoy them and they give us some privacy from our neighbors without being antisocial and they look so nice in Kansas. I did not plant a flowering vine on the other side this year but I am hopeful the cucumbers growing up the trellis might cover the railing on the deck also.


Elephant Ear! What a fantastic plant! Happy plants! I had One, once, measured over a foot, took a photo with a ruler on the leaf! Yours are GORgeous! Good job!!! WOW! k


Last year I had too many in one pot. I did not have large enough pots for them. This year I put regular soil in the bottom of the pots, then potting soil for the plants with only three to a very large pot. I used slow-release fertilizer generously. I keep their soil moist and check on them on hot days to see if they need more water. I over-wintered last year's plants by stuffing them into one large pot and babying it through the winter. The year before I dried the roots and powdered them with sulfur to prevent fungus and kept them in paper bags in a cool room, they survived. That was the year I put too many in one put and they only developed medium size leaves.

Boy, it is showing its happiness in a big way!

And you're happier too! What did it need? Looks like it's in planters or pots.

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