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8000 Piece Sistine Chapel Ceiling Puzzle (Largest)

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260 pieces
15 solves
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(Largest version)

Okay Jigidi members. Here's your chance to tell everyone you have done the Educa 8000 Piece Sistine Chapel Ceiling Puzzle.

This took me about 8 months to do the puzzle , I think, back in 2010.

I am including another puzzle that shows the completed 11 foot puzzle across my puzzle room so you can see the layout and logistics of working on it.

I had to break down the puzzle and reconstruct it (11 x 3 foot) on my patio and take a picture from a ladder so I could get a picture that wasn't too warped.

Let me know if you'd like other puzzle sizes - Jigidi seems to be able to create from 10 to 260 pieces.

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  1. linda18021:16:40
  2. carl11:36:00
  3. brunodash1:47:04
  4. pifci2:04:00
  5. Pom_jigidi2:10:02
  6. lucky512:18:48
  7. lyndatraylor2:22:02
  8. marlin2:22:02
  9. roberta215:16:18


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Thanks Lia :-)


Thanks for the picture and the clear explanation! Wonderful!
And... jigidi goes up to 540 pieces, it the photo is clear enough! (Much to much for me, although I do place one now and then for those who like it!)

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