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Claude Monet - On the Cliff at Pourville, 1882 (Apr17P15)

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Monet painted many coastal paintings and many of them do not feature people.

This seems to suggest that the painting is mainly a relationship between Monet and nature.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 12, 20, 35 and 63 pieces. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

I also post puzzles at jasonchung2 (my main account).
jasonchung is my second account.
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account,
however, the puzzles there are still available for solving.

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Even imagining like what and how you do it will give a healthy start.

Happy cells = healthy body.

Thank you, Wendy.


Wouldn't it be great to be sitting on that bluff and just taking in the sound and smell of the ocean? I always feel so healthy when by the ocean............Wendy


Hello Hayespj. Welcome to my puzzle page. I am pleased to meet you.

Thank you for letting me know that you love this painting. It is a beautiful one.


It is indeed very soothing. I love the blue and green colours. Thanks, Iris.


You are most welcome, Bev. Glad that you like this one.

Love this.


So soothing! Grins!☺♥♥

Beautiful and thank you Jason. 4-3....9:52pm

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