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Maitre de Coivy

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Babykins, once you start sourcing posting, you do not stop just like that. Try a few more. You will get in the groove, a strong-willed woman like you will. I hope you do indeed. How was your day all in all? Mine wasn't bad. Went back to the gymnasium again and only did two rounds. My legs started to feel very tight but it was good. In case you are not here when I leave I wish you a very restful night with sweet dreams dear-heart. I have to look for postings for tomorrow and it is Sunday so folks will be on earlier. Love to you and yours. See each other tomorrow, God willing ♥♥♥


Glad you enjoyed it Haze. Just wanted to try it once. I really enjoy working the puzzles, more than creating them. Maybe I'll change, but I don't think so.


Thanks so much for that beautiful puzzle my dear friend Babe. It was a good exercise and rather tricky at the end part. Bless you and please keep doing more for all of us to enjoy. ♥♥


Good on you my dear-heart. I saw this by accident and have bookmarked it,
Keep them coming, don't just stop there. Congrats Honeychild ♥♥♥


Hi Hon. Glad that you are braving through it all. That is what we have to do but sometimes we fall short. I too am worried about ruby4. She sounded so sad when I last spoke with her. Will find some words to comfort and inspire her when I come back on. She needs to talk her feelings out and cry out. Your brother Dave meant the world to her and that was an extreme lost. You stay as sweet as you are. No, you are not treading on my toes. These Historic, Medieval Middle Ages and Renaissance are very good for puzzles. So post what you want to. The more the merrier. Love to you dear Avril. Perhaps we will catch up later. ♥♥♥

@Haze1952 ...Thanks so much, I know you post so many of these and I don't like 'treading on your toes' Lovely hearing from you! Hope you're settling a little bit after your losses, I'm getting there, have good & bad days but do worry about ruby4 my sis-in-law, just waiting for the right time to go see her & stay for a while. I'm so lucky having my family around me and not too far away............keep safe and well, big hugs coming your way!


@AVYANN and @zumbachick
I just wanted to try it once. I really enjoy working them more. But thanks for the comments. xoxo

This was a surprise!! I enjoyed working, hope to see more from you! Hugs to you!

MsbHaven I didn’t know you were posting medieval manuscripts. More power to you, this looks like the Visitation. Love the rich colours.