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Santas Grotto

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  1. Andedrum2:05:05
  2. TheresaF2:07:45
  3. GingerFringer2:20:57
  4. Hayley872:46:33
  5. trilar2:49:08
  6. ELKing2:51:39
  7. hnewman2:53:52
  8. Josee092:54:19
  9. racechic533:03:16
  10. gte429e3:03:39


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Just have to look again and again! Always see 'someone' I may have missed before! Tonight it is the reindeer at the very right top at the chimney!! Santa's Helper! I wonder what his problem is!! Maybe needs the bathroom!! :) :) And the elf at the bottom among packages is very unhappy about something! What a riot this is! Thank you for the fun! Lorraine

Thank you all for the nice comments :-)

thank you Sandra a very enjoyable puzzle!

Well done Lorraine, you are a champion -)

Finally got it...couldn't sleep so just kept on 'trial and error' method! Again, I can't believe all the expressions on the faces!! My favorite is "Santa's Little Helper"....he is quite upset, offended or 'mad' about the whole thing!!
The baby in stroller is a riot...then there is the little short
kid just to the right of the front of the stroller...mad? upset? Whatever! It all makes me :) :) Painful to get here but worth it'! Thank you so much, Sandra!!
Lorraine (14 hrs. worth...the longest for me.)

I AM NOW AT 82%! Wheeeee--LL

Well I'm at 64% and wandering around, quite lost most of the time! Lorraine

That was good! Thank you.

Haha, thanks Lorrain and Josee, I'm not ready with this one, it's a hard one :-)

Loved it thanks

WOW! 28% my first day! Lorraine

I also love the 3 carolers, and the lady in pink! L-3

Well Sandra, You did it again! I am 'hooked' on yet another of your fascinating humorous people-puzzles!
As hard as I try, I haven't found the key to put faces where they belong before the end of the puzzles! I know I'm going to LOVE the grumpy guy in green just to the left and up from Santa!! And the tiny reindeer way at the top right corner as he eyes the chimney with a sad face!!
You are terrif with these puzzles and they are of great enjoyment to me! Lorraine

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