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Mother's Day Gift From My Niece

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My niece is like a daughter to me and this year this is what I received for Mother's Day.
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A beautiful living gift from a loving niece/daughter (✿◠‿◠)


Thank you Jill, She is a wonderful niece/'daughter'. *lol* dj


That is so lovely, loving and thoughtful of her. Pleased for you ❤️


Thank you Christine. I would prefer a plant anytime. Happy Mother's Day to you. :-)) dj


Oh lovely! I often prefer a plant to something that just sits on the shelf.


Yes, & I do not take it 4 granted either :) I am a VERY Blessed Woman in spite of the TMI ailments that invade my body :) :) :)


Thank you June, she is very special to me. :-))

@sillychick - you are spoiled 356 days of the year!!!!!!!! *lol*

How lovely this is - you are obviously very highly though of! A very happy Mothers' Day to all mothers out there. Thank you for sharing.


Oh I am, ALL weekend long (no Holiday in our household is just a 1 day wonder) :) We like 2 s-t-r-e-t-c-c-h it out as loooooooog as wee can :) Our Tulsa Daughter & her Hubby are here & I am being spoiled along w/my Awesome Hubby's MoM :)


Thank you...yes I do have a Gem! You have an fantastic Mother's Day also. :-))


Well, BIG siS, Ewe have a Gem there in that Girl...Since she does remember your Birthday, she is a Hero in my world & Ewe Lovely lady have a Wonderful Mother's Day :)


Thanks Iris. I think so too. :-))


Yay! This is precious! grins!☺


Yes, she is the only one!!! LOL


That is GR8 dj :) Is she 1 of the few in your Family who remembers your Birthday 2?


Thanks Betty and okie. She is a wonderful woman. :-))


What a lovely plant... and how sweet of her to remember you like this. Have a grand day, Donna! ☺


They're beautiful! great shot! I love it! Marked for sure. Thanks!


Thanks, Ken. Hope your wife has a wonderful day also........hmmmmmm???? *LOL* dj


You're a lucky lady. Enjoy your day


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