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Theme - For the cat lovers - Tigger

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Our daughter lives in the country and for some reason lots of lost, or maybe dumped, cats are coming to their house. They have about 20 cats that they take care of. They all have a name, the kids love them all, and vice versa.
They all get vet checked, spayed and neutered, fed, and get a warm place to sleep.
Lots of times the cats show up pregnant. The babies are fostered until they are 6-8 weeks and then go to an adoption agency.
In the next few weeks I will post some of her cats.

This tigger was Named Morgan by her kids.
He is a sister of Harriet and was adopted at 8 weeks old.
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Thanks Octomom...I just put a message on one of your puzzles.


What a wonderful thing your daughter does for these animals. Good for her. This one's beautiful.

I was posting puzzles in tiny sizes as private puzzles, but I noticed you weren't doing them. I was wondering if you have seen them, or if they just weren't your style.


Dat is hij zeker, Pru.


Is een heel mooi poesje ladywil.


Thanks Putterdutt. I hope so too.
Ja dit was echt een heel lief beestje. Had hem zo mee willen nemen.


Wat een lief katje!!!


My first dog's name was Tigger, so I had to stop by and see your Tigger. May he have a lovely life!

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24 February 2019 - 23 September 2017
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