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What, the six foot ladder conversion wasn't enough?

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Oliver exploring and even though a six foot ladder was converted to a cat tree, he naturally had to see if he could go higher. The wing wall he's perched on is only about 3.5" wide, but there's an easy drop to the ladder tree or to a padded window shelf. Never a dull moment with two young kitty explorers around! Adopted them from a shelter almost two months ago. They'll be a year old on April 30th.
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They still enjoy climbing up there. Go figure. 😊




Thanks, Anne. He sure seems to enjoy the view from up there! I've enjoyed hearing experiences others have had. Not sure if Wimsey every climbed to this spot, but that I think about it.........recall him climbing curtains and screen doors. Oh my, those were the days! :-))


I've yet to meet the cat who wasn't absolutely fascinated with climbing as high as he/she can get. Oliver's at the ceiling and "king" of all he a good cat should be.


Ilovejigidicats - Tavi and Ollie thank you for the early birthday wishes!!
I seem to be passing muster so far....hopefully the Boyz agree. :-))


Carol, I'm out of practice! I keep having a-ha moments as Tavi and Ollie get into assorted mischief, remembering that Wimsey and Tango did the same....but that seems like a lifetime ago. Like I said on one of Betty's jigs, who needs aerobics when you've got young cat explorers in the house!

Ella, Snoopy is such a great name! And "hawk" sounds so majestic. Ollie reminded of those old building gargoyles, especially from the front. LOL :-))
The ladder conversion seems to have worked out well. They've destroyed a few teaser wand toys playing with each other and with me, they sleep and tussle on it and, of course, it's a staircase of sorts.
1/2" ply shelves screwed into the steps on one side and pieces of 1x4 added on the opposite side. Top shelf is also the paint shelf, left open. Had to add a narrow piece, since it wasn't level. Four shelves altogether, but you could do five. Paint and that's pretty much all there is to it.
Even without fur babies, it would make a fun shelving unit for plants or whatever.

Yes, you may call me Ollie, Mrs Impie! Haha, I love my catnip toys, especially the small fish and Mr Beaver, but its not the same as sitting up here. :-)))

You're very kind, Mrgoodboy. Thank you.

Don't they just, Anne! :-))

Just had to go up one more step! They love to be up high.. so cute

God bless them and you.


Oh my, Ollie (I hope you won't mind me calling you that?) you silly boy....couldn't you better get 'high' from catnip?? :-)))


That's so funny! Reminds me of Snoopy pretending to be a hawk looking down from a tree branch. Great idea to convert a ladder into a cat tree! If I ever get another fur baby, I'll consider trying it.


Long time since I have seen this the "old days", if I could not find Payton, I only had to look up! These days, life is simple, one simply looks for the most comfy bed! :)))) Don't they drive you mad when you call and call.....then see them watching you from some high observation point!!

TridyTai, I also had a cat that would climb bifold doors. Getting her down was a trick!

Happy birthday to Tavish and Oliver for 30th April. Have fun guys, looks like you’ve found your forever home ❤️


OMG TrudyTai, that's quite a balancing act! Wonder how he got there!
Yes, well, you know what they say about cats having staff! LOL


Exactly, Auntie Betty! Just trying to get the lay of the land.....maybe see what my bro is up to, as well as my mum :D

Thank you, Patsy and Betty!
This is their first real home after four months at a rural shelter, after which they were transferred to a rescue center about 250mi away (less rural and next to a freeway, but not urban), where they were snipped, chipped and got their shots. I adopted them about two weeks after that. They seemed very well adjusted all in all......affectionate, playful, friendly. My first thought was that whoever fostered them did a great job, but who know what their lives have been like. Lots of new sounds as well as a new home.....still some skittish moments, moreso for Tavi for some reason, but we're all finding our feet.


My previous cat, Tai, loved heights. I never knew how he did it, but I would find him on the top of a bi-fold door when it was left open. Oliver is lucky that you cater to his need to be up above and over all.

Oliver, you are quite the explorer! I can tell you like to get the high view of the situation.

Almost a year old and still very kittenish and active. Entering the equivalent to our teen phase soon.

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19 January 2017 - 8 April 2016
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