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It's Set in Stone!

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This boulder was carried into the Willamette Valley by the Missoula Floods. The Missoula Floods were incredible. Here's a brief overview from

Between 80,000 years ago and 10,000 years ago ice sheets called the "Wisconsin Glaciation" covered much of North America, including Northern Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Towards the end of this glaciation a large ice dam blocked the Clark Fork River in the Idaho Panhandle, creating "Glacial Lake Missoula". This lake was a massive lake 2,000 feet deep filling the valleys of western Montana. It stretched eastward more than 200 miles and, at its maximum height and extent, contained more than 500 cubic miles of water - more water than Lake Erie and Lake Ontario combined. Periodically, the ice dam would fail, resulting in a large catastrophic flood of ice- and dirt-filled water which rushed across northern Idaho and eastern and central Washington, down the Columbia River, through the Columbia River Gorge, and finally poured into the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Columbia River. Flood waters filled the Willamette River Valley, reaching Eugene, Oregon, more than 100 miles away. When Lake Missoula burst through the ice dam and exploded downstream, it did so at a rate 10 times the combined flow of all the rivers of the world.
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: P


hmmm.....that hadn't even occurred to me......LOL LOL


That's probably true. I just hope I'M not the one in OTHER PEOPLE'S closets!!!


I guess we all have someone in our "closets"


I had a great uncle who was kind of a substitute grandfather. He was an alcoholic who drank LOTS of beer. Fortunately, by the end of his life, he used his will power to kick the habit. Even during his drinking days, he was a good man, and fun to be around. So, yes, sometimes we just move forward and enjoy people for who they are in the moment.


lol elvis.....sometimes it was not funny.......but mostly she was a dear old soul....who never knew who we all
sometimes something comes up that you just have to persue......for a few


That's so funny! I was literally laughing out loud!!! I assumed I was making up that bit about the scotch, trying to get a laugh. In the end, YOU made ME laugh!!!

Thanks so much, mackabroin. I've really been enjoying this conversation.


well that got me gran also used that fact......she drank the scotch wether she was making haggis or not........LOL


Oh, my! How un-Scottish of you!

I have to admit that there's some Scottish heritage in my family, and I've never even tried haggis. I don't intend to, either!

Seriously, if I were to invite a friend to dinner and tell her/him that we'd be eating the organs of a sheep that typically go uneaten, mix it with some oatmeal, then cook it inside the stomach of that sheep, that friend would never come over to my house again. Not for any reason. It would kill the friendship!

Our poor Scottish relatives sure must have been desperate if they ate haggis! No wonder they invented Scotch whiskey. They had to numb the senses in order to eat the haggis!


I HATE....LOL.....haggis


That's so funny, mackabroin! I guess the "hag" is justified, especially if it's short for "haggis"!


lol is very strange talking to "elvis" by the way........I was looking for an odd word to use as a nickname in the computer.....and I am eventually I came across mackabroin....and I just loved it.....I am old and I am scottish.......and I tend to be I guess that justifies the "hag" part??......
and it is alright for you to critique my "name".......but I could put up an av that wasn't one of my better


I'm aware of the meaning, I just didn't think you looked like an old hag! That's why I suggested "ExquisetelyElegant". I thought that would be more fitting. You're not ugly, so are you vicious, malicious, or a witch? Those would be the other applications of the word.

Seriously, I don't mean to debate you. After all, who am I to critique somebody's name? I mean, geez, "ElvisBanana"?!! And I'm sure you've made friends who wouldn't know who "ExquisetelyElegant" is. That was just my roundabout way of saying that you don't look like a hag to me... (although I'm legally blind, so I could be waaaaaay off base! LOL)


lol is an old scottish word.....and it means "old hag".......LOL.....I thought it fit wonderfully.....LOL


Thank you, mackabroin.

It's true that so many forces of nature can be extraordinarily powerful! It's really hard to fathom...

By the way, I'm a self-described "word nerd", so I looked up your Jigidi username. I think it's not very appropriate! (To anyone else who reads this, it's not a filthy word, it just doesn't apply to this Jigidi user). I hope you have another name that you use here on Jigidi, perhaps something like ExquisitelyElegant!


thanks......but I didn't even notice....I think the scope of this "flood" had me deep in just can't really be imagined??....great puzzle.thanks again


@mackabroin and @Plumpossum I am so sorry that I never replied to your comments. I don't know how it slipped past me, as I usually respond to everything. I just now discovered your comments because @HorseGrammy left a comment. My apologies.

mackabroin, I'm glad you liked it. It's amazing how powerful glaciers are!!!

Plumpossum, my face is red. I guess there's still some little boy in me who likes that kind of humor. Tee-hee!

HorseGrammy, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you liked my little joke!






lol....I am glad I did your puzzle.......loved the ending........and I like the writeup...I knew most of this in general.but the read was geography .......thanks for posting.....robin

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