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A Bit of War History: The Veteran, Thomas Waterman Wood, 1866

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Title: A Bit of War History: The Veteran
Artist: Thomas Waterman Wood (American, Montpelier, Vermont 1823–1903 New York)
Date: 1866
Culture: American
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 28 1/4 x 20 1/4 in. (71.8 x 51.4 cm)
(framed with 84.12a and 84.12b)
Credit Line: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Charles Stewart Smith, 1884

From the Met website:
"This work, painted at the close of the Civil War, forms a narrative triptych (84.12a, b, c) of African American military service. In "The Contraband" (84.12a)—a term that referred to enslaved people who fled to Union lines at the beginning of the conflict—the self-emancipated man appears in a U.S. Army Provost Marshall General office, eager to enlist. The Recruit (84.12b) represents him as proudly ready for military service. In "The Veteran" (84.12c), he is depicted as an amputee possibly seeking his pension in the same office where he first enlisted, or returning to military service. By the war’s end, African American men made up more than ten percent of the United States Army and Navy, fighting bravely in so-called U.S. Colored Troops. Wood, a White Vermont-born painter, produced this empathetic work in New York at a time when caricatured representations of African Americans were the norm."
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Yes, now that it's a National Holiday. But I won't be surprised if some states do not honor this. Arizona did not for many years honor the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday holiday. Professional organizations I belong to stopped holding any conventions in that state, and I'm certain others boycotted as well.


How wonderful that your friend shares her art experiences via Facebook and this is a special year for Juneteenth!


I just got them bookmarked. .. both sizes of each. I'm barely awake so I don't know what mode I might be in later. .. just might want to attack a larger one. Thank you so much. I went to the MET website and read the story. A friend on her facebook page posted some other Juneteenth art (she goes with some regularity to Philladelphia Museum of Art. .. and to Boston. She "takes" her friends along.


I glad to hear you're sharing this puzzle and I like that you've added Juneteenth to your heading. I'm about to post the other two pieces of the triptych. You're right that they should be seen together, Berkeleyborn.


Carol. . .
I'm posting first the artwork (so that it is full size) on my facebook page, then as a comment, a link to this puzzle. But with the artwork, I will post your full description, with the heading: "Juneteenth: A Brief History of War".
And I too would like to see the two pieces of this triptych.
Thank you so much.

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