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Mom and kittens this morning

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Thanks Florrie and Jana. This morning at 7:00 the cage was a disaster. I did some tidy up but I'm hoping my daughter will have time to repeat the whole routine from Saturday. There is a nice stack of clean towels waiting for her.
Jana I do what I can and sometimes it doesn't seem like a lot. Before moving here I had part of my garage and two rooms in my house devoted to cats rescue. Sometimes as many as 20 cats at a time lived there. But then I was 10 years younger and didn't have a 10 acre property with chickens or dogs to look after. Hugs for both of you ☺︎❤︎☺︎


You're very selfless person Edie and I greatly appreciate your work. Thank you so much.
☺ Max sends a royal award for all your work. ☺ Hugs dear friend ♥♥♥


You have no idea how nice it was Florrie, and this morning the cage was still clean enough that all I needed to do was scoop, and do her food and water. Daughter is coming back tomorrow because it's vet and bath day for my dogs. That's a 3 person job so I'll be sure she stops by on the mom again ☺︎


Thanks Laura and Faye. I don't know what I'd do without some kind of challenge in my life. Seems to be the norm for me. Yesterday my daughter cleaned the entire cage out, changed their bedding washed and cleaned the kittens up for me and my granddaughter got to play with them while all this was going on. Mom is not aggressive, just timid and she watched from the corner of her box. She has no problem with her kittens being handled. I think she wishes we would keep a couple. lol.


Poor mum probably didn't have much mothering herself from the sounds of it. How sad. I'm glad you're handling the kittens a lot...just wish cats were more like elephants: there's always an "auntie" to help out!

Thank you so much, Edie for saving this woebegotten family...I just hope mum finds as loving a home as the little ones do. ❤❤❤


Now you have not only one challenge, but many!


Thanks Marilyn and Kathy. We keep going, day by day though I have to admit that this mom is a real challenge to my fostering experience. I would feel sorry for any first time foster home that got her. Again this morning she and the kittens were laying in the cardboard box while all the bedding was scrunched up in a corner, in the food and in the litter box. She's a lot more work because of it but I still keep hoping that things will improve.


So glad to see the kitties (poor little momma is just a kitty too!) coming along so well, as I knew they would under your loving care, Edie. I have followed as best I can. My Mom has been in the hospital two weeks now, she has advanced emphysema but this is her first hospitalization. She has made great progress. I'll pop in and will continue to follow, whether you see me or not! :-))


I hope everything works out for this family of kittens and their mom. I have great admiration for you taking them in to foster.


Thanks Brie. Some of the girls have been there a long time but there are many who burn out within a year. The one girl has 12 at home, all rescued from euthansia the night before because she couldn't bear to have them die. What I do is easy in comparison.


Edie - thank you for explaining. I just didn't realise that - it must be the hardest job to do knowing those lives are so short. I would take them all home. All our cats have been rescues apart from Topshelf and Pumpkin - they were delivered by caesarian at the vets after their mother had been hit by a car. She survived and nursed her kittens - 5 - until they were adopted.
No one wanted Tootsie. She had stomatitis and no one wanted her. we did. Lily, who now has the best life with me, was in the shelter for 6 months.
Thank you or doing what you do - and thank the girls at the shelter too. I couldn't do it


Some of the people who work there are very devoted and do everything in their power to make the animals comfortable Brie. It's a thankless low paying job and they are very under appreciated. One of the girls that we know well contacted 6 rescues to try and get this family out before their deadline. At this time of the year all the rescues are full to the limit so that why I decided to get back into it, even if it's just for this one family. They are not the ones who decide on who lives or dies. The cages get marked the day before and the vet comes in early in the morning before the staff arrives to euthanize. I don't blame the workers for this, I've been to the shelter and know some of them personally. The problem like you say is that kittens are free and many people don't invest in shots or getting them fixed. Then they get discarded for lame excuses like moving, having a baby, etc. How do these events preclude you from keeping your family member. It's beyond my way of thinking.


I can only think that people with ice for hearts could work in a kill-shelter. That has to be an oxymoron - kill shelter?? Rest a while and then we kill you - horrible.
I used to go to PetSmart with my friend and people were amazed when we told them they would have to pay for the cat they wanted to adopt. They were more than happy to pay for a dog but a cat?
When something is free then it is treated as having no value.
Then there were those who brought de-clawed cats and said they were biters. Really? How else can you defend yourself??? Banned in this country, thank God!


Thanks donnebrook. She is better at mothering but still not 'good'. I don't think she ever will be. These guys will be eating on their own within the week, hopefully, and that should help her out a lot.


This kitty was at a high kill shelter and scheduled to be euthanized with the entire litter the next day. The rescue needed a foster home and that's how I got her Brie. There has been some headway made with low cost spay/neuter clinics here but not nearly enough. The problem of 'throw-a-way' pets still exists.


Momma's looking better. She's protecting her kittens with her paw over them. I love to see the pictures! Thanks.


Poor little kitty - but she knew where to find the love and care she needs for herself and her babies. I have a friend in Illinois - she has one of those invisible to human beacons over her house that says 'All Cats and Kittens Welcome'!


That's wonderful. :)


Thanks everyone. The vet believed that she was under a year of age when he saw her so quite young to be burdened with this many. I'm heading out now with a fresh plate of wet food so we'll see if any of the kittens are interested. Francine the rescue that I foster for spays and vaccinates all adults before they are adopted. The kittens receive their first set of vaccines at 8 weeks and the adopters pre-pay their spay/neuter at the time of adoption. They then book an appointment at one of the participating clinics to have their surgeries done when they come of age.


So nice that she accepts them now. We had a very young cat, that got 1 kitten. And at the same time another cat got 4. This first cat completely ignored the little one and the other cat just took over and adopted the litte kitten.


She adorable. At some point, do you think a clinic vet will fix/neuter her and her kittens?


Good news that one of the kittens has started eating from the plate of food, let's hope the others follow. The mum is probably hardly more than a kitten herself and as you say, Edie, 6 babies are too many for her. How long will you have them with you? :-)


Oh-- so sweet. She is lucky to have come across a good hearted soul as yourself.


Thanks nancy and Lorna. I don't think mom's feral just very timid. Hopefully they'll be able to adopt her out to a nice quiet home when the time comes.


Poor mum, but what a relief that the kittens are thriving. Thanks for the update Edie.



Thanks abel and Ardy. Yesterday I moved the cage from upstairs in the barn down to the main floor. It's much cooler there and since then she has been with the kittens. She is a 'muddler' and can't seem to leave her bedding where it is. Every morning she has it all balled up and usually in her plate of wet food or in the litter box. The kittens are getting a little better at walking and yesterday one of them started to eat from her plate. I hope they all soon learn how because this mom is skin and bones. I doubt she weighs more than 4 lbs. She's small and young and 6 kittens are too much for her.


Is she staying with them more now? Poor thing. Still looks apprehensive. She couldn't have a better hu-mom than you, Edie.


Very cute! She is a beautiful cat, Edie.

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