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Making the house :-)

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  1. Hasli0:16
  2. perleblanche0:19
  3. Sissel0:20
  4. patten0:21
  5. alias2v0:24
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Thanks so much for the laugh Alias :-))))

Wow, I would not like to be the person lowest in this scaffold! I do not like that the others may / will splash paint on me!


I am not sure Gigi :-))))) Thanks

Does OSHA know about this?


LOL Cazneaux. I would not even like to stand watching


Well, Good Luck is all one can say!


Thanks Fowly, Willy and Janet for riskying my puzzle :-))))


WOW! yes very risky looking scaffolding!
Thanks and hugs Sissel. ♥♥


That looks very wobbely


Certainly looks more haphazard Sissel.🤦


Thank you Fowly and Margaret. I know bamboo is used in Asia, but I find this a little risky :-)))

I saw a lot of very dodgy looking bamboo scaffolding, when on holiday in China, on very tall buildings. Worried me, but so did their traffic with what looked like a complete lack of rules. I didn't, however, see lots of accidents, so perhaps it was better than it seemed. You wouldn't get me up any of them.


In Hong Kong they still use bamboo for scaffolding . Yes Sissel, I dont climb ladders any more, even short ones.




LOL--good one, SIssel. lol ;-))


Thanks Kay and Rebecca. This can be why women lives longer than men :-))))


"It costs HOW much to rent a scaffold?? Pfft, we'll just make our own, it's not that hard."


That is some kind of scaffolding. Wonder where this is--maybe that explains this rather haphazard configuration. Wonder if this is a barn and rural. Can't imagine this being allowed in a city, but maybe it is...? ;-)

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