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Old apple tree buds

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Please enjoy the next set of apple buds, this time in four different sizes.
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Thank you twosparrows for stopping by, solving and leaving a nice comment. Have a good day!

Enjoyed this one!


Hi Abjab, thank you for the news! I did travel GB years ago and still remember a little bit of that journey. I continue to travel. Regardless of the distance, it does the job of relaxing me (which is good news with coronavirus restrictions). ;) I am glad you liked travelling Wales, and that the weather was so nice.
Yes, our gardens are really productive, though it also means quite a lot of work. Hopefully we can manage it for some more time!


Hi Dulsineja
That is a lovely newsy letter to receive.
We have been away into Wales for the past 5 days and the weather has been glorious. We have been following the Welsh coastal path and parts of it are exacting to say the least, I am sure it is doing us good!!!
Today it is like winter again, no wonder so many people suffer with bad health.
The first thing I did on returning home was to check our garden and our little apple tree is heavily covered in blossom so much so that I am going to attempt to put a picture of it on this space. Maybe I will sort that out tomorrow
Your garden sounds really productive.


Hi Abjab I apologize for my late reply. How was the weather over there in the past few days? :) Did you have some nice days? I hope your apples have had enough of good weather.
I also know the Conference pears, we have one in the old garden and one by the house where I live, which is newer. This pear is truly delicious, I can't wait for it every season. Usually it is abundant. As for the James Grieve, it is now in full flower, while the blossoms on the old apple tree are slowly finishing. Then, we also have a Melrose apple, excellent to last into the winter, a Coxs Orange Pippin, very delicate, and some others, some of them traditional. There are also some other pear trees etc. Yummy!


Hello Dulsineja
How lovely to get a return comment from you.
Rain.., what do you mean , too much rain .....It sometimes seems to never stop and its cold with it!
You do have a gòod point though.I will watch it carefully this is only just coming into flower

James Grieve is a good variety as an eater or a cooker.

We have a really old large Conference pear tree that still crops really heavily
Unfortunately neither of us can remember the name of our apple tree .It is on a dwarf root stock so is still quite small.
Tomorrow I will make sure I go out and see if I can find a label.
I am sorry if I am rambling. Night night.


Hi, do you maybe have too much rain when the blossoms start opening? Our old tree certainly needs bees to do the trick. :) We do have a "James Grieve" apple tree in the garden, but I had no idea it was (partially) self-fertile. Which apple trees do you have in your garden?
Greetings to England.


How pretty the blossom is. Love the photo.
We have a small apple tree .every year we have lots of flowers and then no friut. Very disappointing. It is meant to be self fertile as well

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