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The Virgin by Gustav Klimt

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I just finished this as a 1000 piece puzzle from Eurographics and it was very challenging. It was a very unsymmetrical cut with tight fitting connections. Their version of the painting was slightly cut off along the bottom edge. worth doing!
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Thanks for trying it Annie. I don't think the painting you referenced is a different version of this one. He actually has many paintings using this style so that you know instantly that he was the artist when you see one. Most famous may "The Kiss"

If Klimt had models for this, I'm trying to imagine how one would arrange such a pile of quilts, Tim. ;= ) Also in attempting to see a larger image of the painting, I found this version created by a photographer. Thank you for posting another great puzzle!

Eurographics is the puzzle company mentioned in the comment under the photo above.

Talking about the jigidi. I don't know what eurographics is

thanks for commenting Gemmadent. Are you talking about the actual puzzle by Eurographics or about this Jigidi version. I found them both to be enjoyable.

I thought it looked very hard but pretty and colourful. I enjoyed it and it catches my eye. Spreading the pieces out wastes a lot of time.


You can edit everything but the image. ;-)

Thanks Bill. I knew you could remove something but didn't know about corrections.


It's not too late to correct the title Tim. Just click on your name and then My Puzzles. Save like usual when you are done.

The youngest girls are 10 and 12. The oldest boy is 17, almost adult. They probably wouldn't care but their ultra-conservative religious mother would be horrified.

Why didn't one of you correct my rotten memory. It is GUSTAV not Josef. So sorry


Thanks for posting this painting. By the way, your grandchildren are not yet adults?

Thanks for looking that up Libi. I can actually see and understand what they are talking about. How very lucky you are to be able to see the real painting.


This picture is 190x200 cm in size and is located in the National Gallery in Prague.

From wikipedia: "The abundance of the flowers in the painting symbolizes the evolution into womanhood. The painting depicts seven women that are interlacing. Each woman represents a particular life stage. The painting touches on various topics of human life, such as love, sexuality and regeneration that are depicted in cyclical shape".


Haha, your eyesight is better than mine, Tim. Didn't notice 'em until you pointed them out. Leave it to grandkids, they'd have been on top of them for sure, had you finished the puzzle.

Thanks Bill and Gayle. My question is which one is the virgin? Didn't realize there was some bare boobs in the painting and was concerned that the grandkids would notice last weekend but fortunately those parts weren't done and went unnoticed. Take Care


How's your eyesight now, Tim? I'll take the 81 piece puzzle instead. Thanks for introducing me to Klimt's virgin.


I'll take your word for it Tim. This looks like it would drive a person to drink. I admire your fortitude!

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