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Mulberries Anyone

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My wife took our grandson to his baseball game today ... she came home with 2½ gallons of mulberries. I thought she stayed to watch the game, instead she went picking 😊

To pick mulberries, you spread sheets out under the tree, or section of tree that you are picking. You then shake the branches, letting the ripe mulberries fall onto the sheet. The majority that are not ripe will remain on the branch, until you come back in a few days to pick again 😉

To process them, I pulled out my big KitchenAide mixer and attached the food mill. The food mill removes everything but the pulp, seeds, & juice ... including stray blades of grass, bits of leaf, and the small stems. I pick out the larger stems & leafs as I ladle them into the hopper.

When we first started making jams I used a food mill that was hand cranked. That lasted for maybe 2 or 3 years before I purchased this attachment for my mixer. Last year, we processed close to 500lbs of fruit. Over 300lbs of that was apples and pears, the food mill not only saved my shoulder, it made quick work once it was turned on and processing began.

2½ gallons of mulberries will become 30+ jars of jam ... Mulberry, Mulberry Rhubarb, & Bumbleberry
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@SPaceDinVADerOne We zoomed into the driveway and tucked the cars into the garage. Pinkish-Purple Poo plastered splotches against the sides of our dark brown houses, however. Constant hosing!


@jerrys ... my first experience with mulberries was far different then today's. at our last house, the mulberry tree was over the driveway, so our car & van were covered in "purple poo" for about a month every year. it was acidic enough to eat the paint of a car


I've been fighting the birds for mulberries this year. The birds won. I only got a few mouthfuls.

That is quite a lot of fruit. And it all is needed. I'm sure that your grandson understood, he might have wanted to go with her.
The attachment was worth the money.

I'm sure that it will sell fast.


@SPaceDinVADerOne Yours is a most fortunate (and delicious) interaction with mulberries.

At our last home, our next door neighbor had a large one that overhung my driveway and part of my front yard. My association with the little devils involved trying to clean the postman's purple footprints from my front porch floor every year and scraping the jam out of the wheel wells of our cars.

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