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... and the heat goes on

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... and it goes on in more ways than one!
one of my little art pieces... Hope you like. ♥♫♪✿
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Thanks so much Dilubreuer! Much appreciated. I do mainly picture book styles and do it all from my imagination. The last time I copied a photo of someone was in 1952, at school, and it was of Queen Elizabeth of England. It's hard to believe so much time has gone by without copying something. Because I only do digital art now I would find it harder to get the likeness I think.
Ha! I see where you are on the leader board! Good one...


Nice one Robyn! you are so talented.


Thanks very much for the compliment Shirley! I'm glad you think so. I just love drawing with TB. I have so many versions on 2 different computers, so have great fun going back and forth between the programs. The only problem with that is, I have so many folders everywhere with different pictures and it is as disorganised as... Can't find a thing. :D
Yes you do need time to master it. One day you may be less busy than you are now. I've been using it since 2006 and for 2 yrs before that I was struggling with the Windows Paint program. That one doesn't have many features. The TB Pro Studio now has over 9000 brushes. You can imagine how many people would need all of them, but great to have those choices.
So lovely to talk to you and the other Jigidis here. :) Robyn


This is a credit to you, Robyn, very well done, Thank you. I downloaded the 'Twisted Brush Open Studio' last year, but haven't found the time to master it maybe sometime this year I'll try to find some time.


Thanks so much sparks, Im glad you like it! You're such a dear, and a fast one too looking at the leaderboard!!! lol I can't even do my own art pictures in a hurry like that, and yet I drew every little bit and should know it off by heart. Funny... :) :) Robyn


Beautiful dear robyn xxx enjoyed it very much thx


Díky moc :-)


Jste vítáni Irena. Budu pokračovat na to, aby oba jazyky, takže nemusíte pracovat tak tvrdě. :) Robyn

You are welcome Irena. i will continue on giving both languages so that you don't have to work so hard. :) Robyn


Thank you very much for the translation Robyn, I really appreciate :-). Good day I am looking forward to More beautiful pictures :-) With best regards Irena.


Děkuji moc za překlad Robyn, moc si toho vážím :-). Hezký den a těším se na další krásné obrázky :-)
S pozdravem Irena.


Děkuji Irena! Ano, jsem čerpal ji v digitálním programu umění. Miluju kreslení moje obrázky. Jsem rád, že se ti to líbí! :) Robyn
Thank you Irena! Yes, I drew it in a digital art program. I love drawing my pictures. I am glad you like it! :) Robyn


Beautiful picture you painted You Robyne ?


I'm so glad you like it my young friend, and thanks very much for the "wow" comment! ☺ They're in a very hot day which is bad enough, but he is in her bad books because he's upset her in some way. She will be in a mood for a little while and then all will be forgiven. (((xxx))) ☺¸.`★•¸.`★•¸.♥♥♥♥♥


Wow Robyn! How beautiful faces! Specially the girl, she looks so pretty! You are a great artist, my dear friend!
Big hugs and kisses my friend!

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