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  1. odetteschilderen19737:01
  2. Jademccall11:27
  3. Pecloca11:56
  4. DFW11:59
  5. Poppibi11:59
  6. crashman12:19
  7. Mimimartin13:17
  8. coop11113:25
  9. sheenamaj13:31
  10. JiggyPop213:37


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E, Yeah- cats could never be trusted with a tabletop puzzle! I did other puzzle sites too but when someone told me about Jigidi I went to it directly and was really happy with the quality of the puzzle pieces - just like old-fashioned puzzles. I agree that it's really great that the comments inspire interaction with great people.... like you! xoxo

Mimi ... it's the old concentration expression lol. My sister always did this when she was concentrating on drawing or whatever. Cute! :-D


I gave up "real" puzzles when I got cats. No way to do one then. Obviously there aren't cats i this house. Do love the kangaroo puzzle. I tried the "daily jigsaw puzzle" before I found jigidi. But I had all the puzzles they had on line in two weeks. Plus there is no interaction on that site. So glad I gave this one a try. It took me a while to trust it. It was really too good to be true. I have made so many new friends here. So thankful.


I giggled when I saw this one. I think I still look like this even when I’m doing a puzzle here on Jigidi, lol, thanks!

I know what you mean. I think that Jigidi has made me too impatient to do an 'old-fashioned' puzzle, though I have friends who still love to do it. Also, Jigidi, in comparison, gives almost immediate gratification. Thanks! xoxo


Lovely puzzle! But, I think we need to tell her about Jigidi, where you get to chat with great people all over the world . . . . and where all the pieces are in the right position and you don't need to take up a big table, which I don't even have!

Thanks, Poppibi!

B, I should maybe give it another shot. It's been ages.




I still love doing them to "old fashioned" way. I only do the online puzzles when I have a break at work. I'm addicted to puzzles of all kinds!

It's funny but I have several friends who still do puzzles like this. I'm far too rusty and would be impatient for the image to be completed.


That used to be the way it was done before computers. I kind of miss those simpler days, but there's no going back now. Thanks. :)

Hello, Rain7Pine ... nice to "meet" you. I'm glad that you enjoyed this - I love the artist. Thanks for commenting and you're very welcome! :-D Jeanne Marie

Nice. I see there is a cat or small dog around in the house. Also someone else has been helping with the puzzle. I like the added touches. 💛💚 Thank You 🥰

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