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Theme this week: Vintage Photos (Especially old B&W ones of community life & family photos)

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In this photo are my inlaws, my hubby and his sister. My hubby must be about nine here and he would be 72 now, so this photo must be taken somewhere in 1957!
I think they looked like stars in a happy family TV series☺☺☺
All four are no longer here!
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  1. Dclo1:47
  2. babray2:17
  3. calluna2:25
  4. gemstone2:31
  5. BookPenguin2:47
  6. Impie2:51
  7. irisriver2:54
  8. Lynetteoz3:02
  9. togocat3:09


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Wow, Faye, my FIL had 4 brothers and 3 sisters, but none in Canada that I know of....LOL
But I do hope your uncle was a nicer person than my FIL was! :-))


Even close up your FIL could pass for my dad's brother...even more than his own brother! LOL :)))

Thanks for sharing your memories
A good family picture


Oh, they do indeed, Impie - such happy smiles all round - a lovely family. So sorry none of them are here, but you have your happy memories & photos like these. TFS.


I could not have put it better, Impie. What a very attractive family they were. ♥♥


Thank you, Iris! grins back ☺☺

Thanks, Lia. I'm so sorry your father left at the time you needed him the most! But sadly these things happens all too often.
When my m-i-l died in 2000 they were married for 53 years!

Thank you, Lynetteoz :-)


Lovely photo to have Impie :-)


Indeed a lovely and treasured family photo.
I hope this family was a happy one long years after this picture.

(when I was the age of that girl, my parents divorced. Never saw my dad again for 20 years, so no happy family pictures after that).


What a great family moment! grins!☺


That's very true RaynaGrace....thank you....

Thanks, Ella, I love old photos too, this photo is at least 10 years before we met, so I don't have real memories of why this photo was taken!
When my dad turned 65 all he wanted for his birthday were individual photos of his kids and their family!:)


Oh wow, Faye, men and their vanity♥ My father-in-law had rather light blue eyes. My mother-in-law told me that when he was young, folks used to say that he looked like the actor Kirk Douglas....☺☺ (Apart from his moustache and not having a dimple in his chin, of course) :))

Thank you, Annetta!

Thank you, Nancy, yes, I wish my parents would've had photos like this taken of my family, but with four kids they probably couldn't afford that :-)♥♥

Thank you, nillie. I have only few old photos of my family, but the ones I have bring back vivid memories. Photos of André and his family are lovely to watch and I love to see the "familiar face" of when he was a young boy, but I only started to 'know' him from his 19th when we met♥♥


That's a wonderful photo, Impie! I love old photo's they bring back nice memories.


As long as someone carries memories of a loved one in their heart, they are not gone. It's only when no one is left to remember. Sad. But this is a very happy photo. Tks


They are gone but they are still here. In many ways, and old pictures, like this one, are certainly one or them.
Thanks Impie♥♥


Absolutely delightful family photo! :-DD ♥♥


A very nice photo!


I can see Patrick in André...but I can see MY dad more in your father-in-law! The only difference is that my dad had hazel eyes and combed his wavy hair straight back rather than a wave to his left side...and while in the service he grew a well-trimmed moustache to appear older when he received a promotion. ❤️


Thanks, lurdo. They do look happy indeed. They were always proud of the 'special' dates of birth of both their hubby was born on "29 February" and his sister was born on "31 December" LOL

Yeah, Betty....and as Patrick gets older, he's the spitting image of his father! ☺

Thanks, Anne. Yes, I sometimes look at my old family photos and realize my sister and I are the only ones still alive! His dad did reach the age of 86½ when he died in 2008 and his mum 75 when she died in 2000!
They reached a higher age than their kids, André was 63 (almost 64) and his sister 65 when they died!


Very handsome family indeed. It's indeed a sad thing that these folks died so young. Blessings!

Like father ... like son! Cool!

This is a great photo all have a big and nice smile they look happy, Thanks for sharing your memories with all of us.


Yes, Betty, I think so too. André got some childhood photos from his dad to scan after his mum died, in 2000. Watching him in this photo is like watching Patrick! :))

What a great picture!

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