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If you're happy & you know it . . . .

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Lulu got one of those Babble balls, it has a number of funny comments it will say. Lulu went insane over it when it arrived in the mail, but I was afraid she might eat parts and choke. Comments said their dogs destroyed it, slobbered enough for it to get on the batteries and ruin them. But I never leave her unsupervised with any toys & had to find a way to keep it and her safe. So the red thing hanging there is a plastic container, inside is the toy. The container is inside a leg of pantie hose, tied with string and hung from the ceiling. Lulu loves to dance around, poking it til it talks to her. She is loving this and the plus side is exercise!
Image is fuzzy, still working on how to take pictures of a moving, or in this case, dancing dog. I've got more, just annoying trying to send from the phone to computer.


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She is a challenge with her toys. She can disassemble, mangle or tear apart in no time. Although she hasn't ruined anything that wasn't her's so far. Lulu does love this toy and gets plenty of exercise with it. I may buy a 2nd one to hang at the garage door for outside play. I've got a few more pictures to post by new internet is very slow most of the time. Need adjustments to the pc I think. (:


Duine, I think you came up with a very clever way to keep Lulu and the ball safe, and still let her have a great time! She sure looks happy :-)))