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I know this is National Park week - however - my nephew-dog Toby parks himself wherever he chooses!!
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My first dog was a Westie, JJ born in 1975


What a beautiful pearl white Toby is, thanks for sharing.. :))


What an adorable dog. Is that a Westie? His owners must take good care, he looks happy & healthy. Hi Toby!!


He is so white he glows a white shine. He looks like a sweetie.


Such a lovable one!

So sweet,and so soft looking. At the age of 2 years,
my first dog was Toby. He followed me down to the
creek, I had in hand my dad's oil can, I left it there,
and I guess we made it back home, as I am here today.
I have always heard this story, about how he saw mine
and Toby's prints in the mud, and found the oil can.
Guess I was going to fill it full of water. I have often
thought about that, and how if I had been more
adventurous, I might not be here today, like the little
girl who fell recently from the 5th floor balcony while
her her mother was in the tub. The family had been
visiting Disney World. Parents just don't think.


Toby knows it is fun and Jigidi and wanted to join in! He is adorable! Grins and smiles!

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