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Lego Steamboat Willie

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I had lots of fun assembling this look back into Disney history!
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Yes, I had a good day, too. I would love to hear Peer mom had a record (a big thick 78rpm record) and I loved to listen to it. The Hall of the Mountain King is GREAT! Don't know what ever happened to it. :-(


Thank you mer1! The 11th was my older son's birthday, he turned 46. We went to the Oregon Symphony and heard Peer Gynt and he took me to Godiva and bought a big box of chocolates. I gave him a Switch game which he loves. My younger son fixed lunch for me today. I wanted to treat them too, so I baked 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies--with their help of course. We had fun just being together. I hope your day was special and wonderful too!

Happy Mother's Day, Pixiedi !!
I hope it was a good day for you and your sons.


mer1, my husband and I always did things with the kids as well as coaching them in sports, doing school field trips, PTA, Cub Scouts and attending all contests they participated in. It comes natural for them to reciprocate and keep me busy now that I'm older. Our Lego themes are kind of fun. We have several pieces of the carnival group including 2 different merry go rounds and the ferris wheel. We have an under the sea grouping with all sorts of stuff including the Yellow Submarine and the Beatles and our oceanic group includes 2 lighthouses including a Scooby Doo haunted lighthouse, a houseboat, a fishing store, 2 tugboats, the Steamboat Willy, a ship in a bottle, and several other things, I have Big Ben and we have lots of birds and animals too. We change them around every once in a while. Dust? Surely you jest! I let them get dusty and keep the lights low so the dust adds just the right amount of glow. LOL We never dismantle any of them and have about 20 kits waiting to be done. I haven't ordered the Flintstones house yet though. I'll have to do a puzzle with some of the birds, they are quite ingenious.

Sounds like a great hobby and what makes it even more special is that you can share it with your son. Your house must be filled with all your beautiful creations. (I would hate to have to dust them, though. lol)


mer1, I'll soon be 68 and I do all the normal 'little old lady' things like embroidery, crochet, gardening, reading and jigsaw puzzles but I have a son in his 40's who has been a Lego enthusiast since he war a teenager. He started buying the Christmas sets after my husband died and we would assemble them together. We now have a Lego Christmas village. I liked doing Legos because it's like a jigsaw puzzle but a bit more challenging and it actually creates something. So, now I buy different kits and make them and I have several books that tell me how to make other things too. I love making Lego birds because they are so colorful! I think I have more Legos now than my son does!

Wow! That sounds even better --that it moves on wheels and the steam pipes go up and down. (The steam pipes moving are what I remember from the old cartoon.) Congratulations on making it!! It seems hard to believe that 751 pieces can fit into that boat, but I am sure they all Thank you so much for answering my comment.


mer1 I think it took about 6 hours, that's 2 evenings working about 3 hours each. It's 10 1/2 inches long, about 6 inches high and about 6 inches wide. The box says it has 751 pieces. The inside parts are colored to make it easier to see what you need. The instruction booklet has 179 instructions and the box says it for ages 10 and up. There are a few places where it gets tricky but it wasn't too bad. It rolls on wheels. When you roll it, the steam pipes go up and down and the paddle wheels turn. Does that help? I'm happy to answer any other questions.

Looks great! How big is it? (I tried to figure it out based on the size of a brick, but I am probably wrong.) How long did it take you to make it? Thanks for sharing this with us!

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