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The Governor's Mansion

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The Illinois Governor's mansion's roof is 45-years-old. The building leaks. Water and sewage back-up has flooded the basement and destroyed the mansion's elevator. The outside is in disarray.

The mansion was built six years before the start of the Civil War, the house was constructed while Abraham Lincoln was practicing law down the street.

Estimated price tag to restore - 9 million
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It's a beautiful building! I hope he is able to have it repaired.


Thank you everyone for your comments. Our governor said if elected he would be staying there, but I read somewhere that he has thus only stayed there 47 nights. However, he has said he will use some of his own money to help fix the place up. We'll see. He's a very rich man so he could easily enough.


So, I gather he doesn't live there.


Wow! Why was it allowed to fall behind in repairs for so many years, it could be a good looking mansion if kept up to date....thank you Lyndee for posting :)


What a shame it's in such a state of disrepair! A beautiful house, once!
Thanks and hugs Lyndee.




Hahaha... what is different? Where on earth can we find a functional and honest governance?


I bet if it didn't belong to the state government it wouldn't be as expensive to renovate....


Now's the time for some philanthropists to step in!

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