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Savage 1907-19-1 left side and magazine

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The last version of the Savage 1907 pistol. A version of this pistol - in .45 caliber - was entered in the U. S. Army pistol trials which resulted in the Colt pistol; named by the Army as the M1911. The Savage pistol came rather close to being the chosen pistol.
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Mr. Driver. Nearly all the semi-automatic pistols of that era were interesting. Some as they worked so well, so as Rube Goldberg's inspiration and some that were just odd.

Durability. The Savage pistol made the testing up to the finals. Colt and Savage were the two entries left. (The Luger entry was eliminated.) Savage, for some reason not firmly established, didn't show up for the finals.

The "...10 shots fast..." line was an advertisement of the time. No advertisement of the era mentioned "...into someone..." However, due to the light weight of the projectile (therefore the recoil) the mechanism 'balance' and the ergonomic grip (before 'ergonomic' was even known to the public), the controllability of the arm was quite easy.

Not sure how many rounds is needed. The time frame was prior to medical anti-infection agents (developed during the Second World War), so any serious would was cause for concern of gangrene or the like.
On the other hand, currently .32 ACP (7.62mm browning in Europe) is considered 'light' for self defense. But it was the best to be had at one time.

I have a Savage 1907 in .32 It is an interesting gun. Interesting for more than it was in the competition for the new Army side arm. The upper back corner of the gun has the mechanics of the gun. It is easily removed to field strip and clean the gun.

For some reason I'm not surprised the Colt won. The Savage does not seem to be durable. But I'm not stress testing my guns so what do I know.

They were sold on the civilian market as "fast shooting". You could pump 10 rounds in to someone in the time another gun shot fewer. With .32 rounds ten shots may be needed don't you think?

Nice piece of history.


Yes, Freetime. Thanks, by the way. In the pre-antibiotic era (prior to the Second World War, essentially), small caliber pistols were far more feared than currently. Not to mention they have incredible history!


Nice light gun !

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