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Leprachaun's Vault?

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Could there be a pot of gold hidden away back in there?
Happy St. Paddy's Day from SW Indiana!
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Could it be where Alice found Wonderland?


AAWW! Your too kind dear friend, I'll be sure to do the same for you! ';-DDDD

You are welcome, annjax. I saw the end of the rainbow once, but it was in the middle of a blacktop road with NO gold at all!!! Glad you enjoyed the puzzle.

snooker, there is nothing like an optimist, everyday! Thanks for stopping by and keep hoping. :-)))))

Monica, I keep hoping and making a list of all those I would share such an unexpected good fortune with. I'm writing it on the back of my lotto tickets that didn't win. There are a few that still don't have any names on them, but my jigidi friends are on there. '


Hmmmmm! You never know, it could happen! Go ahead Angel, check it out and tell us what you found! A pot of gold is a lot for one person, so I hope you plan on sharing some of it with us jigidi peeps! :))))

Anything is possible today. :)


Looks like somebody blasted it & beat you to it, but don't give up---keep looking. And, who knows, you may be right--- maybe there IS a pot 'o gold still hidden in there! Thanks, Angel, for a good puzzle...........

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