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Gap, Lancaster county PA, part II

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From the Amish country buggy calendar. Have fun, Dave
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  1. fdr9:04
  2. smlcolt4514:30
  3. Bommom19:46
  4. jaycees26:16
  5. Ahorn35:07
  6. Eleanor8542:42
  7. rhodo51:26
  8. anthony130531:10:34
  9. Toronto123391:19:48


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I imagine they are cambered for one reason or another? Sad thing is once in a while around here they "get tangled up" with vehicles and the result is not very good to say the least. It has become more perilous to both themselves and non Amish out on the roads. The horses sometimes get too rambunctious and the cars are very impatient and sometimes completely moronic (as most roads anymore). It has gotten trickier in the last few years for both to remain somewhat safe and it will not get any better. Anyway, thanks for playing Bom Bom. Per usual nice pics on "your side of the puzzle tracks" this eve, Dclo


Nice view. Interesting that the wheels don't seem to line up--the left front has a tilt to it. Makes me think how frail (not the right word that I'm looking for) the buggies are. If I were riding in one of those buggies I'd probably have my heart in my throat wondering when I'd get rear ended. Perfect size puzzle, Dave. Thanks! :-)

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