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Me:"I Hate Having To Wait For A Free Dryer!"

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Brownie helps with the laundry.
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I left out the part about shopping carts that parents let their kids ride on the rack below. Now it should make sense (LOL). Not safe for kids.


I'm happy to hear that you are cautious felinefrenzy. The fact remains though, that you allowed Brownie to sit in the dryer. Accidents are exactly that. Unforeseen circumstances. Someone else enters the picture who is not as cautious as you and the game changes. For your kitties benefit and yours the dryer should be forbidden territory. A similar situation occurred at my sister's house. Her cat was allowed to sleep on the barbeque grill outside. Perfectly harmless until her son came home and fired up the grill and walked away while it heated up. Kitty jumped up on the grill as usual and the result was a trip to the vet for burnt paws. I had warned her about letting the cat get up there. And, no, I did not make her feel worse by saying "I told you so". I don't let my cats on the kitchen counter as lots of people do. Not only is it unsanitary but as a cat walks across a counter they step right onto the stove top. Same thing to a cat. You get my drift? As kitty guardians we have to think ahead for their protection just as we do for our human children. Sometimes the potential danger may not occur to us/ I used to work in a store with shopping carts. Numerous times I had to point out to well meaning parents that children can not only get their fingers pinched or run over but hair can get caught and wrapped around the wheels. So I write these messages respectably just to point out something that may not have occurred to you. As I said intention is to be kind not ridiculing. More than enough said I think. Best wishes and God Bless,


leecee, I never close and start the dryer until I have checked for any kitties inside. Normally they sit on the door and watch me toss the wet clothes inside the dryer. This particular day Brownie decided to check out the interior. The door is only opened to load or remove clothing and is not left open otherwise to keep my cats out.


Forgive me for being a Negative Nellie. I try to be kind to everyone but I have to speak up about this photo. I see how cute it is but there are underlying connotations that disturb me greatly. I don't know if you "allowed" your sweet kitty to get in the dryer or if he snuck in, but either way you leaving him in there to take his picture is giving him the message that it's OK for him to be there. Many cats have died from accidental entrapment in a dryer and leaving it open and unattended is like an open invitation. It's obvious that you love your kitties and I am truly sorry if you are offended (not my intention) but since I also love kitties I feel the need to bring it up for your consideration. Our furry friends need us to be their voice. Not only do I hope to spare kitty from an accident but also to spare you the heartache you would surely feel as a result. God bless you and your beautiful furry friends.


Carrie, I have seen the kitty puzzles of Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo but will have to search for soo's. I am almost afraid to ask how kitties have virtual parties.


Denise, I think all the kitties of jigidi like that same game! Has Brownie met any of the others? If not, see the puzzles by soo and Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo and that will lead you to the others. There are all kinds of virtual parties among them, the next one being on Halloween and the cat, Payton, is making his own
costume so we are all anxious to see what it is.


Carrie, Brownie loves laundry. One of his favorite games is to lay in the basket of clean laundry and "protect" it from our efforts to take it away for folding. lol Denise


Brownie, you are a good kitty to help your Mom with the laundry. I'll bet you like to lay on it when it's all clean and folded!

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