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My Diva Doggie, KENO, was 15 on April 1st

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She's had the moles (showing here) removed; but the gray stays. We're two old ladies just hanging out, enjoying life.
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Happy to hear you are on the mend. Great news another greatie on the way :)


Many thanks to all for your healing comments. It really does mean something to know others care! I just had a lovely week of stepdaughter, her son and daughter-in-law AND their 19-month-old boy, Jonah! Have been away from my computer since the den where it lives, is also used as guest quarters. Wish my husband could have seen his only great grandchild (to date, they're pregnant again). Will post a puzzle pic of him. Thanks again! Carole

So very, very sorry on the loss of your beloved dog, and the sad events in your family. So much loss at one time is very hard. If I could, I would give you a big hug and a cup of tea.


Love Jigidi people. I love how we love our "furry children". I wonder how anyone who has not known the love and bond with an animal could imagine what they have missed?


Sometimes, when it all seems like too much to bear, it can be helpful to recall that "this too shall pass." Best wishes for improving times for you, Carole.


Wish things were going better for you carole. I bet every once in awhile you will hear Keno bark, feel his presence or smell his smell. That has happened to me since the loss of my Cricket (16 1/2 years old). I'm sure he is somewhere there by your side:) I Pray that things start looking up...blessings to you and your family.


Carole, thank you for the update. I wish for things to get better for you. Seems like traumatic things come in groups? Take care, Carol


Once again, I'm late with a few more Thank You "notes." April/May/June have been a bit trying for me. Keno started downhill right after her birthday...suddenly lame. A trip to the vet brought some meds and a wait and see. April 10th, the anniversary of my husband's passing, brought a traumatic phone call from my niece; she was at an emergency room in Dallas (I'm about 30 miles north of there). Her 51-year-old husband had just died there of a stroke. My sister (niece's mom) lives near Tulsa and had just had two serious falls; the first caused an emergency hip replacement and the second put her into a rehab unit since she fractured her pelvis on the other side.

She finally got clearance from doctors to come so I had a houseful...all were being comforted by my ailing doggie. I could see by then Keno was losing ground and needed to be relieved of her pain and suffering...but I couldn't do anything to add more grief to the circumstances. So, I kept up with the pain meds and did a lot of petting and hugging (to both the dog and the people).

I now have a box of Keno's ashes...when weather rain or winds...we will cast them around where she loved to run and hunt. She was a joy. Thanks again to all of you. Carole

What a beautiful soul---earlier when she was here on Earth, and now in Heaven. Bless her.


TG put my thoughts into words. Two lovely ladies!


Yes, that is a long life for her size, carole! That's proof of how good you take care of her. My current dog, a 3lb poodle, is 8 years old now. I too, hope I can outlast him (but I doubt it) because as we both know, no one will care for them as we do. Take care :)


Thanks for all of the sweet comments on my girl! Have been busy away from my computer and just saw the responses. Keno didn't have a birthday cake, but she had some watermelon (which she loves) and some steak...and phone calls wishing her the best. Tampagirl, I'll miss my baby when she leaves; wish doggies could live a bit longer. Keno is a German Shorthair Pointer; for her breed and size 15 is a long life. I just want to outlast her!

Thanks again everyone!



Enjoy her to the fullest. The older they get, the sweeter they are. My dog died at 16 1/2 years and I still miss her so much. Hope she lives a long healthy life!


Happy birthday Keno and many many more!


Good doggie. Did Mommy make you a birthday cake?

May you have a blessed Happy Birthday Keno, the Diva Doggie!

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