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Grandpa and his grandpuppy

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  1. pauleysteph4:00
  2. liz554:53
  3. amf5:02
  4. GmaBee5:13
  5. bhelen5:23
  6. rocks2wear5:24
  7. hartlova5:54
  8. Hazelshell6:49
  9. 2teacher6:50
  10. tlmk10247:00


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Heh, heh. George looks a tad tired in this shot; the "pup" not so much. Great shot!


Wow. That's 2 BIG dogs. Bet they're a lot of fun.

Thanks! Yes, he is an English Mastiff and he's a year and some. His partner is a Great Dane. Fun times!


Yep, that's one GRAND puppy, for sure! Part mastiff? Great photo of, both, man and dog!


Wow. That's a big puppy. Nice picture. Enjoyed the puzzle.

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