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Jerusalem Sunset

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Happy Passover / Chag Sameach
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Positively NO worries, Tea. Let's get through these stressful times as best we can.
Enjoy the Paris puzzle with 'le cafe' -:)) Have a good one.


. . Hello again Mandato, my apology, I’m not really at my best and didn’t mean to write something negative. I guess I’m restless, bored and my few adventures seem like a lifetime ago, but we’ll be getting back to the things we love before you know it! Right now, I’d rather hear about other peoples’ travel and I’m loving seeing their photos ! Still catching up on yesterday’s puzzles and see you posted a beautiful spring puzzle of Paris ! Something to look forward to with a cup of coffee later, thank you :)


. . . A writing group would be fun. You’re right, anything to keep sane and stay connected. In one week I’ll have my immunity after the J & J vaccine and then Robust Immune at the end of April. Then I hope to travel and make new memories! I’m smiling and flattered you think I have adventures . . no one else does :) You’ve made my day, already ! Wishing you a lovely kind of day too . .


Good morning Tea, jigidi has so many interesting posters! It's
lovely to hear of your adventures . Have you ever thought of
writing them in a 'memoir'. You know, I belong to a writing
group & it's GREAT fun, especially helps to keep sane & connected
during the pandemic. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing & please have
a lovely , ' young at heart' kind of day.


Hello Mandato, it’s late to be sending comments, so I hope you don’t open Jigidi till in the morning. Not only did I visit Jerusalem before Covid, I went as teenager, before the telephone was invented, before the first airplane was built, before . . cell phones !! I’m not saying I’m old now, but yeah, it was a lonnnng time ago. I’m grateful for the one trip :) Thank you for the kind comment. Have a good Wednesday !


Hello Tea, I really enjoy reading your Jerusalem experience.
I hope to get to the Holy Land 1 day, I'm sure you count your blessings
to have visited before Covid. And God bless your darling mom!
Maybe your husband's mom did the same ...and voila, a happy 'match'? . I'm most grateful my Mamma spent a fortune bribing saints ! -:))
I'm delighted the puzzle brought back the memories. Thank you for the visit & 'near top' solve.


G’afternoon Mandato, I really enjoyed your puzzle from yesterday! I had a chance to go to Israel when I was younger, wow, it looks the same except for what looks like an enclosed walkway by the Wailing Wall. My Mom wrote a prayer for my future husband and put it in a wall crack (just like thousands more were doing that day) . . He heard her and gave me the sweetest husband ! It’s a wonderful puzzle to work here at Easter time, thank you :)


You are very welcome, Nicepeach2 . Wonderful that you could be there
in person. It's on my list of places to visit too...
well, maybe next year in they say.


I agree Cyndi, the effect is very striking and a little symbolic
at this time of year as we celebrate both Passover &
Holy Week before Easter. I hope you have a lovely Sunday.


You are most welcome, Gaillou.
You were lucky to have been there in person.
Thank you for sharing.


TFC, lefty50. Well, I like shortcuts too, sometimes.
Maybe now you can continue the long 'scenic' route. Lol.
Good luck if you do.


I also thank you for memories. It had been on my bucket list for a long time and I finally made it. So grateful. Thank you, Mary


What a beautiful photo. The sky is amazing.


I was there several years ago. Thank you for the memories.


Beautiful picture and sentiment and much easier puzzle than the 600 pieces version that's been in my "in progress" folder for a long time!

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