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I was attacked by two women.

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Here I was minding my own business, as usual, when these two ladies abducted me and forced me to climb these steps which made the Spanish steps look like a curb. My sherpa did not carry my equipment so there I was forced to climb all the steps carrying my equipment.
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LOL, we did not plan to visit all 70 waterfalls! Bad enough getting him to 3 of them! Poor boy has a rough life! LOL


Awww you poor man.


Good to hear from you, too, Dilubreuer!!


We do not like the Arctic chill Ms Pumpkinhead.


Only 70? You're complaining???? Toughen up, buddy!!!!!!


Yes Wanda she is trying some times more then others.


Thank you, Wanda! We try! :)


Richard and Sandy, have fun you kids! Wanda


Cupcake? ROFL...


We left Wisconsin this morning and are now in Michigan on the Keweenaw Peninsula. The 70 waterfalls he mentions are at the Porcupine Mountains, which we will visit tomorrow. I told him to "rest up cupcake"!


Richard, we know you are up to the challenge. You can survive the 70 waterfalls, we know you can. If you aren't enjoying yourself, you are putting up a good front. Hang in, guy. Thank you for taking us with you. Wanda


:) :) :)


Like I wrote before... "Toughen up, Princess" :-)

We feel your pain but learn to live with it...

Besides, 70 waterfalls isn't THAT much!


OK next thing you know you all will be taking their side. Sure let me walk the entire trip around the park up and down thousands of steps nah millions of steps. We have to go back and pick up a lung I left at the bottom of one of the falls. It's OK I understand how we go from friend to also ran..... It was a great time and had a ball but we are off again in the morning to see if Sandy can kill me since there are 70 waterfalls in the State Park. If I survive it will not be because of all your encouragement.


Hi Li! Nice to see you there with the lovely couple. Thanks Rich and Sandy!


Nice to meet you, too, Shian. It was a really fun day!


Richard, you don't look like you've suffered too much. As a matter of fact, you all look pretty happy. Thank you for taking us with you on your wonderful adventures. Wanda


Hi Li! nice to meet you, the waterfall looks like a lovely place to visit with friends, Thanks, Sandy.


This sweet lady is Li! (joyfulli) ❤ We had a great day hiking to the waterfalls at Copper Falls State Park in Mellen, WI! I met her in 2013. This is Rich's first time meeting her. :)


Oh you poor pitiful put-upon person. Is there no end to the indignities and privations you are made to suffer?


Richard with that smile on your face I'm thinking you are loving the attention from these two lovely ladies.:)) BTW, you haven't introduced the second lady.


Toughen up, Princess! :-)

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