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When you are on hold...... "Your call is important.."

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We have all been placed on hold, at times it feels like forever before someone finally picks up the phone; normally there is some type of music playing, while a brief break in the song, with the recording, 'your call is important please wait while our operators assist others.' back to the music. I imagine the employees, (In my case it was the IRS) dancing around the cubicles wearing pink tutus and dancing to Fantasia. It makes the waiting bearable and laughable at the same time. Enjoy the video. ;-)
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Just asking:-)


I have no employees. I am imagining the scene in my mind. ;-))

Unless you are the boss and are standing in the store watching.


I can see her, with her diet coke and her cigarette dangling from her lips, as she is eyeing the sign in the tattoo and body piercing store window. A special on lip piercing with a shank bar that look like a little baby jolly green giant. The other reason why her voice seemed so muffled, everyone just thought it was because of her mask. ;-))


After nearly 40 years of selling green beans I can tell you how it works in green bean stores
1- you call the store and ask if the green beans are fresh
2- the customer service clerk (if female the clerk needs to trim her eye lashes with a hedge trimmer) responds "let me check and I will be right back".
3- puts you on hold and goes to the breakroom and buys a coke
4- with coke in hand goes out to the sidewalk, drinks her coke and smokes a cigarette
5- 15 minutes later, the clerk returns to the customer service desk, picks up the phone and says, "sorry to keep you waiting, but we are completely out of fresh green beans"
6- you thank the clerk profusely for checking on the green beans and you are thinking they give the best customer service in town..... they win, you lose


I want one for Christmas. :)



You know the words to the song that is playing. So, you start belting out the song, like you are the final act on the Grammy Award Show. Just about ready to hit that high note. "Hello, How may I help you." ;-)))


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꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱ LOL ꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱
ʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ LOLʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ



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