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Happy Birthday Mags !!!

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Just maybe this will be big enough for all of us.

The left over are for you to take home along with the roses.
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  1. GJDENT1:40
  2. popoko1:50
  3. Ianto2:12
  4. P9westy2:16
  5. Bartphysio2:16
  6. gojetters2:29
  7. klocowolf2:29
  8. rjq12:40
  9. Bubble2:40
  10. Jumble2:41


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You are MIA and so is MAGGIE. I don't think we shall see Maggie again. She is MIA a very long time. 11-27-21..10pm


Ken, I trust you to pick out the perfect toys for me. Knowing you, I don't doubt you'll find something to keep me entertained and help me forget this upcoming birthday. Thanks ~ good to see you again!


Soon you will be having another very special play day. I am thinking which toys would be the most fun for you to play with.
It's my goal to find the perfect one. Just for you Mags.


Wow, this brings back memories! Feeling a bit hungry Bev? LOL Of course this reminds me I have ANOTHER birthday coming up in a couple months. Why does time pass so quickly the older we get?? I remember as a kid the days seemed SO long..Ahh, if only.

Bev 1-8-2020----------------:))

Two many text to read. It looks like a giant wedding cake.


TFS, I love this cake.


Ken, thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad you're still around as well...and for the same reason. Thank you soo much. And as long as everyone's forgetting this and that, let's just forget my too-soon upcoming birthday! Well, maybe I'll have to think on is nice to be remembered -- but we will just leave the age thing out of it. Yeah.

Thanks, Ken!


Bev ~ I "left" Jigidi, hmm... I think around middle of last year, not sure. I would stop by now and then but just never posted. Was always glad to see my friends and love reading the funny, kooky stuff as well (the "kooky" folks know who they are, lol)! Joe let me know when Lin passed, so sad -- I never knew the details.
Anyway I'm glad to be back and will eventually get back to much to catch up on!


Mags I totally agree with you. No more birthdays allowed. They only remind one of what we lived through and lost track of. I won't even mention what we have forgotten. Alheimer's or dementia? Who knows? I have forgotten which it is already. But I am so glad you're still around because your company so very much enjoyed.
Happy Bday Mags

Maggie, I forget when you went off jigida. I think (if memory has not failed me) Lin,TX94 has passed. I hope I'm not telling a lie. Someone here will know for sure.


Just when I was trying to forget I have *another* birthday in a couple months!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seriously, thanks Ken for bringing me back a couple years! Your gesture was sincerely appreciated!


Hope there's still a piece left for me Kw ? It looks big enough to satisfy the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk !! Tfp :-)))


Bev ... I see that's today's (well, I guess now Yesterday's) motto. Thanks for the reminder, pal!!
Hugs ~

"Life Has An Expiration Date! So Live It To The Fullest


Okie doke. Solly...won't bother if arises...again. ; )


Lin ~ No worries ... I rarely notice things like mind is in 10 different places at once most days, lol! Thank you, though. Hope computer issues resolved and things continue to run smoothly!!


Ken ~ Wow! I only guessed ONE right! I really suck at this. But, in my defense, I've never seen Shrek, Peter Pan, Owl and the Pussycat, etc. I am really impressed, though, at your incredible creativity. Keep it up, Ken!! Thank you for the "relief" lol...


Here you go @MaggieMay_MMM all the answers with a wise crack to two.

7 guys = 7 dwarves - Snow White The possible but most likely error, kissing Snow White asleep. They needed some play time. The sleeping pills may be/or not a new twist after Snow White left - unsubstantiated. Sleeping pills may also be used in mines as a means of keeping a regular work schedule.

There are no records of seven dwarves making cakes. I think they were trying to gain some extra money.

I can believe a delivery service was used. It would have been to much for 7 dwarves to handle, and they may have eaten it along the way. The over grown green meany Shrek -from said movie. The Ass Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh.

There is no mention of a construction super in reference to the 7 dwarves but miners do have need of them, so likely. Dwarves would be good at bracing walls and ceilings so they could certainly brace such a huge cake.

Witch in a black dress and red slippers wicked witch of the west from Wizard of OZ. An apple a day keeps the doctor away but not witches.

The Crazy Queeny Meany with roses and cards from Alice in Wonderland , Queen of Hearts. I can just see her robbing a Casino blind, the customers or both. With her foul attitude any supervisor would be glad to let her be. So off with their heads little or big.

Dishes and Silverware going to the moon - Owl and The Pussy Cat.

The tea Service from Beauty and The Beast.

Your trip to Never Never Land - Peter Pan

I may be all wet, but this is what I thought. Seven dwarfs..Shrek-the donkey from Winnie the Pooh
the wicked witch of the west gave the apple to Snow White ..mirror mirror on the wall and the rest about cahoots, the super and the casino? Go ahead tell me I'm all wet ... tomorrow. Good night..
Mr. Wolf :)


Uh, yeah ... magnetism..that's what it is, yeah! ◔̯◔


I don't have to see you to feel your presence!!


Oh YOU!!!!!!


Lin ~ I honestly don't know how to respond. (-‿•)


Ken ~ I love solving things ... been working on what the Big Bang exploded into since I was 10...I'll let you know when I solve that one!! But I'd love to play this game with you ... and I think Bev's on board as well. It will take patience -- all around! Yay!!


I can't tell how much fun it was to do this again. No Bev, it was never a sad moment. Not in the least, I did it for fun and don't like publicity never have never will. It was at the point it where all kinds of people were about to get involved. For the sake of mostly me and school people, I gladly walked away. I would today as well.

But at least, the clan we have amassed here, can have some fun as well.

Mags is on a good path. But these things can be a headache. Second hint sentence by sentence. There are errors in it as well.


Ken, I'm still working on solving that "riddle." I think I may be getting close At this point, it reads like two different children's stories intertwined. I'm thinking Sleeping Beauty has a part in it and maybe Dorothy from Oz..(Sigh!) lol..

Oh, Ken, this was niche in your life! I am so sad that you had to give it up. That had to have been a trying decision. Who would have known it would be your jigidi assembly of friends , who made you look back for an instant. I am to the end of my comment and I am very sad this happened to you.
Bev. 3-18-17..5:11 pm.


Mags it's not a code. Very carefully reread the quick story. Then try to match up the descriptions of the people mentioned to a children's story, be it book, anime/cartoon, nursery rhyme or TV. Once you get one you'll see how it works. There may be some mistakes try and find them also.

This was our game. The two teachers would also get involved, with the kids, many times the teachers would fail, the kids, spot on.

If little kids can do it, so can you. The kids soon learned to build them or try and that part, kept me in grins for a lot of years.

There were some kids who had reading issues and slowly over came them. The reason for the auditorium parents were coming as well and having fun too. It was because things were getting out of control that I quit. I just walked away. I didn't look back.


Ken ~ What a great way to enjoy and influence children. You are so right ~ they are smart and quite perceptive. And I get what you mean by learning more from them than from some professor! Also, from my experience, making up stories for kids as you go along is the best way to engage them and interest them in storytelling. One of my kids' favorite (and nightly requested) stories was one I made up which I called "Kitty's Birthday." It was about how Kitty ended up inviting Mr. Skunk to her birthday party and how because of it no one else wanted to show up. The kids giggled and had fun...and learned a good life lesson in the meantime.
Your work had great value all around, Ken; but, then, you know that!!

(Other than that, I have no idea what secret code you and Bev are communicating in)!!!


Bev ~ sweet -- am imagining a little Maggie May runnin' around, dontcha know!!


This was 50yrs ago. This is the first one of these 'quick stores' I have done since then and definitely more adult.

So, Bev do you know your children stories?

I am so impressed. Thank you for your response. Take care and keep the stories coming.


There was a time, decades ago, where I would tell stories to young kids 3-5yr olds. I would make the stories up, while telling them. They would try to guess who or what stores I was talking about at the same time. I learned more from those kids those 5mos, than any class or professor could teach me. Kids are smart, very smart; just because they are little, don't kid yourself. I had more fun as they would make up their own stories. Thus this became the norm. The two teachers were in awe and the kids learned a lot. I did to. How do I do this? Unknown.
This was a job (were I was paid to assist) two kindergarten teachers. Yah, lost a bet. Toward the end of my time there were more kids than the three of us could handle. So for three weeks we were in the auditorium. The kids sitting in a circle and me on a spinning stood. It was a dizzy time. There were many lessons learned and the mind of a child is magical.

Paid min wage and only for 2hrs/day. Would spend 3+hrs there. This elementary school was in the southwest, a very little small town. I gave away a lot of time. I could have used the money back then. But so what? Life was good and then there were no major half to's. I ate free so many days.

Part of the rolling stone years.


Nope, Bev wanted to know about the cake.
I haven't started yet. When I do I'll let you know I start.
How many different stories were mentioned here?

Only you would have picked up on my last statement. After I clicked and reread it, I thought I should undo it. Then I said, "What the heck ", my friends will know I meant from your birthday until today.
But, hey if it were the other way.....and a gal....I'd call her Maggie May!!!!

Ken, you are not just a bad ass, but a wise one too. I have a wide grin on my face. Did you ever think of writing a script for S N L?


Ken ~ Did you get an early start on that St. Patty's Day celebration? I'm thinking of heading over to Never-Never Land as we speak. I think I'll run!!!!


Oh, I found it!
You know those seven guys, the ones who give sleeping pills to young girls, then go to work at kissing them? Well they contacted me and said they made it.
While there, they told me they called a delivery service, an overgrown green meany, to deliver it. Apparently he arrived with a foulmouthed mule. It complained the entire seven trips. Then during the last trip said he was more than just a badmouth but acted like a real ass. Their construction supervisor stated they had planned to use their special pills( you know the sleepers) but some crazy woman in a black dress, with bright red slippers, insisted on using apples. During this discussion a crazy meany queeny showed up and insisted on using roses or both may loose their heads. The super thought she was in cahoots with the local casino for she kept dropping cards everywhere and he let her go on. The caterer showed up but couldn't supply any dishes or silverware stating most of them went on a spaceship ride to the moon. Thus the reason we only had a tea service set, poorly trained, trying to sing the day away.

I sure wish @MaggieMay_MMM had been here. Maybe she could have stopped my giggles at this three stooges comedy. But I was informed she was in never never land overcoming some reaction from burning to many weeds.


Shoot ~ there's not an Irish soul around to whoop it up with me tomorrow for St. Patty's Day! Wish I could celebrate with you guys, Ken!!

Bev ~ Didn't you used to have an avatar? Could be me... 10 days late, eh? Any names picked out?



Not sure Bev but try clicking on the copyright. They may have more info.

Hi Ken,
Where is this bakery?
It is a great picture and thank you. I'm about ten days late ....Bev.


I cannot believe I missed you are 39 and holding? 3-16-17...9:39pm

Happy St.Patrick's Day it's wearin of the green or whatever color you prefer :)))
Check my smile out....see all my chins under my smile?


If I can get in. I be imbibing in some Corn Beef and Cabbage and some Jameson. I hope your St Paddy's Day is just as painless.


\_(♥‿♥)_/ ☘ ☘ ☘


You are most welcome, Mags.


Ken (and all) ~ I'm so sorry that I never saw this! I don't recall a tag--I usually click on those first. Lin, thanks for reminding me -- but, oh ... I now see why this wasn't visible on my MaggieMay_MMM account -- you just forgot the @ -- no worries, we all do it!

So, Ken -- thank you so very much!! This is the hugest cake I've ever seen ... our big group will devour this in seconds!! This was so sweet of you, my friend. I've now had my 12 Days of Birthday with a great surprise on Day 12 thanks to you and to Lin's "prodding." WTG Lin!!

Thank you Bonnie, Irene and Jeanette (and of course you, Lin!) for coming to my party! I'm sure the others are going to wish they saw this ... oh well, more cake for us!!! Dig in...

Big hug for you Ken!!! I really appreciate what you've done, especially with all that's on your mind these days. You're a good friend!


How really neat, Ken. Today is the end of Maggie's 12 day celebration so I'm gonna tag her on it!



Wow, that is some cake Ken, and I'm sure there will be plenty for all of us! ❤


You are so thoughtful Ken, I will have a slice please. Thank you.


Happy Birthday Maggie. Hope that you have a wonderful fun filled day :))

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