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Passionfruit and Lemon Butter

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I made this with Yellow Panama Passionfruit from Toyomi's garden, and it's terrific on toast, with sponge cake and cream or straight off the spoon:)))
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It is Cathy, believe you me :)))) I've been having it on my toast this week!! Thanks!


I've never tried Passionfruit and Lemon Butter ... but it sounds wonderful !!!!!!
Great picture too. : )


LOL!!! Good for you Nev :))))) Way to go:)))) The Mulberry jam sounds good too - we used to have a tree down the street that hung over the fence - and often snuck a few while walking past!!!!


I'll post a jar off pronto Barb:)))

...and one for Patti too :)))

There sure is in Jigidi-land Janet :)) One jar on it's way :))))


I agree, sounds really yummy! Is there enough to go around all of us?? Hugs, janet


Yummmmm! :)


Wonderful, fantastic P&L butter, Rob! Oh, you made me hungry...I will have a piece of toast please :)))


LOL!! OK Lorna - one jar for you is on its way :))))

LOL!! You're a crazy one Robbie:))) How could a salt pig, mortar & pestle & electric jug be so fascinating - oh! and knife handles??? :)))))) Wait - you're addicted to food & all things connected with food & kitchens :)))))) You've definitely got it bad mate!!! I've only ever cooked on an electric stove - except for camping!!! so that's all I'm used to. Now I'll await some photos of your P & L butter!! Thanks Robbie:)))

Wipe that chin Suzy :)) You're neither young nor old enough for that to be allowed!!!! LOL!! Fresh bread & P&L Butter sounds divine!!!

Thanks snooker!!!

Me cruel Heidi??? No way :)))) I'm sharing it with everyone :))))

One jar coming your way Brie - I hope you enjoy it!!! Thanks!


love the tiles and the super worktop! Please can I have a jar too - all I need is a spoon and i'll be in heaven :o)


I am drooling. You area cruel person to do this to us, and not share.

Nice photo - looks like a great kitchen.


All good things I am seeing in this puzzle! I am drooling and may have to make a loaf of bread to put the lemon butter on. As Robbie said, so many neat things in your kitchen!
Thanks, Rob!


Looks and sounds delicious Robyn! Looking up the recipe, I now know how to grow them, cook them, Liam Neeson's interview and Joan Rivers getting a cake in her face! I thought I better leave a comment before I found my obituary or something!!........I like what I see other than the P&L butter.......your salt container, mortar and pestle and kettle interest me greatly. So do your knife handles!! You are obviously skilled in cooking on electric stove top........I could never master it and only use gas. All in all a very interesting and informative puzzle, thanks for the fun!


Ooooh! That sounds absolutely wonderful Rob!


We sure are Laura - and it's a real treat!!!

I'll get my Sales Dept on to it right away Dave - one jar for you too :))) Postage is free on Jigidi :)))

Shall do Beekay - one jar is on it's way :)))


I'm with just make up two. One for her and one for me please :-)


Good job!! Do you want my mailing address now? How much is postage for a jar?


Oh boy! Are we having sponge and cream with the lemon butter?


Ok Shirley - a jar is on the way :)))) Thanks!

Mmmmm - it is Ami!!! Thanks!

It would definitely go well on a bagel tex - thanks!!


Sounds good. Maybe would go with my bagel for breakfast. Thanks, RR!


Mmmm, sounds yummy Robyn!


Sounds delightful, Rob, I'll have some on a piece of toast, Thank you.


One on the way then Lyndee - it's finger-lickin' good too!!


Ohhhh.....yum! I'll have a jar please!

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