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Sophie - waiting patiently...

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... under the bird feeder...
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  1. Syke2:36
  2. KatrinBehrends2:36
  3. Hatiwu2:47
  4. racoonstar3:25
  5. Prune3:30
  6. Isobel20053:33
  7. vent3:34
  8. Impie3:47
  9. jbow3:55
  10. dianajnelson4:01


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Sophie is taking "sitting pretty" to a whole new level, Kayell! So sweet! :-))

Too funny about the Goofie jig! ....cute photo. :-))


I think when you post a puzzle there is a tick box to say I sure this puzzle is suitable for all users" which is usually set to a default "yes" but maybe it got changed accidentally?


Oh my, Kayell....the nerve of it....I've heard from some at other private puzzles they needed to confirm they are over 18!??? I wonder what on earth in my puzzles triggers the thought that my sweet boy would be unsuitable! ☺♥☺


No need to worry, Mil... I think she nodded off shortly after I took this!

Goofie looked far more likely to to be thinking about lunch, Impie! I did wonder what to expect, though, as when I opened the link there was a warning that the content might be unsuitable! Unsuitable? Our lovely Goofie? How very dare they?!!


LOL......Only looking Sophie no touchy! :-)))
this reminds me of Goofie waiting patiently under the feeder! :

@Kayell I'll add a link to his photo:


Hi Sophie, good to see you out in the fresh air but I hope you don't have designs on the birdies for lunch :-))

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