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Busy Again .....

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I posted the earlier puzzles just before I began making jams this morning 😊

I say this morning, because it was just after Midnight when I started ... I went to bed @5:30am this morning. In those 5+ hours I was able to make 3½ dozen jars of jam. 5 different flavors, 3 of which we had sold out of 😊 The last one was BlackRaspberry Jalapeno. I would have been finished sooner, but I had to wait for the sun to come up so I could go out & pick the raspberries 😊

I learned a few years ago ... once summer starts, jam making is at night, so I shift my "sleeping" habits. if there is a bright side to being an insomniac, it would be that this is not terribly hard for me to do 😉 making jams at night helps keep the house cool during the day 😊

I will spend the day getting things ready to make more jam tonight ... in between naps of course 😉
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@CJ45 ... no worries about deleting Clive ... I'm sure the statute of limitations has expired by now 😉 lolol


I'll be on the look out for some of your pictures Penny. : )


@nanab thank you . yes, now i just have to get my scanner set up (finding a place to put it, ect.) my photos are ready. i'm not good with computer tech. but i already have jigidiers ready to help. just gotta get motivated. i usually do animal,scenery,food, and cute sayings puzzles of 100 pieces or less. hope to see you around. :) Penny


I just read your profile page, I admire your strength.
"my #1 wish is to learn to put my pics on the puzzle pages"
There are lots of friendly folks here able to help you with any questions you may have. : ) BB

Reading is good for you.

The wine is strong.


@CJ45 ... we have a friend who makes Elderberry Wine ... 24% by volume, more then enough to make your second glass your last for the night 😂 lolol

@PWH ... I tell people all the time "I read way too much." 😊


I do the same thing. I read a lot when I can't sleep. No point in wasting the time.


I have elders in my garden purely for the birds for Autum berries. Elder berry gin is quite nice in time for Christmas. LOL!!!


oh ... and we have already begun marking the elderberry bushes for picking ... hopefully by the beginning of August 😊


@mauismom ... elderberry is just one of the "older" jams that I make 😊 originally from Tupper Lake here. nice to meet you Penny, names John 😊

@PWH ... lack of sleep is no fun at all, so I do what I can to make the negative a positive. sometimes it works, other times ... not so much

@ulangariver ... picked another 4 gallons of mulberries tonight Nev , and plan on going back for more in the morning before it gets to hot outside 😉


forgot to ask if you make elderberry jam-it's my favorite.


I'm not an insomniac, John. I just have trouble sleeping. I got 2 hours sleep last night.


@SPaceDinVADerOne i live in Fulton County,NY the southern tip of the Adirondack State Park in a small village called Mayfield, about 30 miles east of Saratoga, and 30 miles north of Amsterdam. every year while i was growing up, i helped my aunt with her garden and trees. we made all sorts of preserves from her supply; pickles, canned veggies and fruit,and all sorts of jellies, some of which i sold at my fruit stand by the road that went by her house. it gave me something to do and kept me out of trouble. i was an only child and Mom and Dad both worked inMayfield. my aunt worked on gloves from home, so this gave us both extra money. :) Penny


Super efficient John!
We always picked early morning and canned/jarred late afternoon.
Those were some fun times in Mom's kitchen, we would play rummy while waiting for the lids to pop.


Thanks, John. I'm not crazy about spicy food.

That is why you stayed home on the day it hit 99F.
You di what you have to, when you have to.


I would love to try the Black raspberry jalapeno. The all sound to good. :)


@Tincup ... yes ... yes you can 😊

@mauismom ... added ... where in upstate? I'm originally from The North Country ... Franklin County NY

@Ianto ... one of the side effects of my accident is the ability to regulate my body temperature, so I do as little as possible during the day when it is hot like this

@PutterDutt ... the jalapeno jams with fruit are not as spicy as the original. the sweetness of the berries negates the heat of the jalapenos some, so you get a lot of flavor, a little heat.

in an oven proof dish, take a block of cream cheese, smother it with any of the jalapeno jellies, then put it in the oven at 350° for 7 - 10 minutes. grab crackers, knife's optional 😉


I'm still not sure about the jalapeno ones, but all others sound D-lish!


If you can cope with that it certainly makes good sense John. TFP

They all look great. It does take a lot of well worth time.
The heat in the day also can cause problems.


oh, i wish i could get some of your jams, you have some great selections. we have some farmer's markets in my area in upstate NY, but what jams they sell come in huge jars; too much for just one person. please add me too your puzzlers, thank you. :)


I want raspberries in my yard.
I know I will do this. I can do this.


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