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Max watches his flowers # 2

20 pieces
37 solves
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Chudák Jájinka ☺ ♥ ☺


Jani, tak jsem včera pobila 319 plzáků a musela jsem před silným deštěm utéct. Škoda, úplně se rojili. Vypadala jsem kouzelně - namoklá, splihlá a navíc od bláta. Bob si hrál. Lilo do rána, ve tři už to bylo jen mírné a teď jen tak mrholí. Krásně se ochladilo a je to hodně příjemné. Ten déšť je nádhera, zem byla již úplně popukaná suchem. Krásný den J.


Thank you so much dear sestricka, have a good night and sweet dreams ☺♥☺


So sweet, but I think he is asleep. He let the flowers for the bees☺
Have a great evening sestricka, many hugs and for later, sleep tight♥♥♥


Thank you so much Lorna, Marlene, Janet, Ardy and Lynn , we M&J love your comments :-)) Many hugs


Hi Jana, you can always count on Max to watch the garden. :) hugs


Max, you are one smart cat. Thanks, Jana.


Sleep well, Max, beautiful boy. Hugs and purrs, janet


HELLO MAX MY DARLING SLEEPING BEAUTY, I Hope You Are Having Sweet Dreams. Taking a Well Earned Nap After All That Mouse Hunting And Catching. of Them. [[MEOWS]] [[MEOWS]] To You MAX And EXTRA BIG CUDDLES & LOADS of LOVE From Auntie Marlene. LOVE To MAX==MICI==FERDA==DEXTER==ERIC ;;; AJA==LAURA==KRYSTOF ;;; MUCH LOVE TO My DEAR FRIEND JANA,==LOVE to DAD==ANDREA==CRAIG==ALENKA. Sweet Dreams. Thanks JANA my Dear Friend For Sharing Beautiful MAX With Us. Auntie Marlene. X X X X.


hello Max and Jana. It must be nice and cool; under there though he doesn't appear to be doing much watching at the moment.


Thank you so much Nev I love your funny comments :-))))
Yesterday we had hot, it was 30 C - your favorite temperature.
Max lay under a bench in the shade and rested.


Jana, Max is always vigilant in the garden, so a little cat-nap is allowed on occasions. :-))