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4 for Snooker. Mount Kidd, Alberta.

12 pieces
78 solves
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What a beautiful shot, Eaglefeather. I love the majestic mountain rising up in the backgrond.


Any "hike" is a good it long or short. This is a marvelous "short" hike, in my opinion.

A shorter hike was fine today, Maria. Temperature was definitely good and lots of flat areas to keep me from falling off a ledge. :) Enjoyed the cake and apple cider - always a treat.
Am ready for Christmas - no visitors expected and a quiet dinner at home for a change. Have gone out to eat for the last number of years and decided to stay home this year. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and will continue to drag me along on your hikes all through 2013. Something to look forward to. Till next week, my friend.


As always very beautiiful Maria. I love them all four.


Love the view thanks..


To all my Jigidi friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!
I like to share this beautiful video with you all.


And mountains for Patsyanne. Trust you are well my friend. Was not a clear day today but managed few mountains for you. Joy and Peace for Christmas and best wishes for the New year to you and yours.


Hi Snooker,
most of the group wanted a short hike today, being close to Christmas we all had to rush someplace:)
We went to K.Country Village, we followed a well snow packed trail with crampons, we were done in a couple of hours.
The clouds were hanging around the mountains and it was windy, but the temperature was -4?C when we started and -2?C when we returned so that was very nice. We did have a great time. Short and sweet.
We had cake and hot apple cider for Christmas celebration on the tailgate of our truck.:))
Are you ready for Christmas? Trust all is well with you.
Till next week. Take care my friend.