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Antelope Valley CA

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Located just outside Los Angeles, Antelope Valley is known for its stunning display of poppy fields that would rival the spectacle found by Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man when they were about to enter the Emerald City. Take Interstate 5 north and jump on CA138 (Lancaster Road) heading east to where a sea of flowers the color of a deep, burnt-orange sunset stretch across the fields. Though the California Poppy Reserve has a great collection of poppies, Road Trip America says the best sections are just east of the reserve. They wrote: ?Here we found wonderful fields of the elusive yellow poppy, cream cups, goldfield and acres and acres of the bright orange California poppies.? The crop varies from year to year, and the California Poppy Reserve posts updates on the progress and how the weather might affect the flowers. Check before you go.


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I have the orange Ca. poppies. And, if I would just let them go, this whole place would be orange! They are very easy to contain, but they do drop their seeds.