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A Look Back At The Bugosis #3......

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it was all too beautiful


was-shining....hope your dreams were...'interesting'......
Hanne-with-pipe......Always glad to be of some small assistance....
raincoat-infusion.......Yes, the story of Ging and Gog tugs at the heart-strings.....All-Bran was certainly a one-off!.....


Lela - I enjoyed the histories..
I found the history of Ging and Gog quite touching.
Gx2 Grandfather All Bran sounds to be a fascinating person..


Sleep well Mummy - and take a trip out in space, perhaps you'll meet somebody there that you know - perhaps even Mr. Pogle if you are lucky!! Thanks Lela, now I see quite a lot and from where you have your bright ideas really - perhaps...!!


Oh well just a nibble of peyote and I'm off to bed, play nice children


Oh yes........All-Bran frequently left his body - in fact it was the only travelling he did. in later years........He introduced me to my spiritual guide (Mr.Pogle).....Eventually I found I could become one with Mr.Pogle, and now when Mr.Pogle speaks, it is actually 'I' in spirit - even though for that brief moment 'I' have ceased to exist......Mr.Pogle is in touch with deceased Tibetan lamas and receives much knowledge from 'the other side'.....
I am not at liberty to say more at this moment in time.......


Would I like to hear about that too!!! Pleeeaaaassseee sweet Lela!!


did he teach you about astral travel? That must be fun.


I have delved into my shoebox, which contains the histories that have gone from this is the description of Elton 'All-Bran' Bugosi......
" Here we have my great-grandfather, Elton 'All-Bran' Bugosi, newly settled
in England after leaving Outer Mongolia, and looking perfectly relaxed in
his 'house attire' He has just secured lodgings in Tooting, and most of his
furniture has yet to arrive. As can be seen, he has managed to bring his
Grand-piano with him, along with a simple chair......the grizzly bear chair
would arrive later, as would the famous dodo rug. He took great pride in
his appearance and was voted 'Tooting's most elegant' for seventeen
successive years. He was also a founder member of the Tooting branch
of 'The Order Of The Golden Dawn' but that is another story......"
I am glad that some of you are getting a clear but cloudy idea of the Bugosi legacy.....after all, we are here to help.....

Thank you Lela. This family tree off yours just keeps getting clearer and clearer. Not..


Actually Elton "all bran" Bugosi bears a striking resemblance to one of my cousin's Ewes in the Scottish Highlands Lela!


Those family reunions must be very "spirituel" indeed!! - and the sthoooories rather hairraising!!


I would Love to be at your family reunions
what fun and love to hear the stories


Though these fine specimens of Bugosihood have ceased to be with us physically, they still walk among us spiritually, and are often to be seen going about their business........they feel especially happy in shops that sell 'wines & spirits'.......


But are they ALL departed? That's why I asked for case histories...we should at least know who might be dangerous and still on the scene! What if we ran into them at the supermarket or when out fine dining?


I must say, thank goodness they are all departed! Can you imagine walking down the streets of Bonga Bonga today and seeing one of these???.......


I have caught up Lela. What a fine set of relatives you have, I am enjoying the show very much thank you.


And here we have the unforgettable Ging & Gog Bugosi.......


The Indian taxidermist Engleshiva Bugosi is here......


If I may just quote the original description, which I will anyway.....
"Here we have a characteristic picture of Englebrian Bugosi, big game hunter and elusive brother of Englebert & Englebob. After leaving Barnum & Bailey's circus, Englebrian emigrated to East Africa, in search of adventure and 'trophies'.Behind him can be seen his 'pet', a rare pygmy elephant from Mozambique which he named 'elephant' demonstrating his typical Bugosi mastery of language. He would mount the elephant's trunk and, spear in hand, go a-hunting (mainly in quest of rodents and giant-spiders)....his bravery knew no bounds. He eventually caught and married a pygmy girl named Po-po, who bore eleven children. Englebrian maintained that 'a smart man is a clever man' (a witty turn of phrase befitting of a Bugosi)but his elegance was to prove his downfall. One day, while catching crabs, his braces got entangled in a bush, 'Elephant' went off in search of another 'Elephant', and he died, alone, in his beloved wilderness. When his body was found 22 days later, his pockets were found to be full of crabs."


In today's Bugosi-Extended-Family-Retrospective we have my personal favorite Bugosi, Elton "All-Bran" Bugosi, the intrepid hero in the top right corner who was never afraid o'nuthin' including dressing up like a flaming fop.

And we also have the HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL Englebrian Bugosi, little short-stuff there with the elephant. It was Englebrian's appearance in Bugosiland that started ALL the trouble! Englebrian was said (BY WHOM? BY LELABUG, OF COURSE!) to have had all these adventures in Africa with his elephant, when clearly his elephant never even saw a hint, a shadow or a reflection of the African continent, being as it is an Indian elephant. Your present humble servant pointed out this and other discrepancies in Englebrian's story, BUT STOPPED SHORT of calling lelabug an actual liar. (It may have SEEMED like I called him an actual liar, but I still contend that I stopped short of a flat declaration of liarshipismness.)

Lelabug in turn filed a rejoinder vestifying his innocence, veracity and honestlynessitude. THINK NOW, if you will, of the twistyest road you ever saw or dreamed of, now double it, and double it again. Proceeding at a pace of no more than one mile an hour, proceed yourself down that ultra-twisty road without falling off to the left or to the right, and when you get to the end, you will have SOME IDEA of lela's explanation of how Englebrian Bugosi's Indian elephant got to star in his adventures in Africa.

WHEW! It was such a BRILLIANT DEFENSE OF LELA'S HONESTITUDE, that I, a dyed-in-the-wool shyster 40%er who later represented the heinous Barloffs, bought it 100% and withdrew all my doubts.

However, in retrospect I believe that might have been a mistake on my part, because it appeared to fuel lela's forays into the absurd, the weird and the fantastic. Bugosiland has never been the same since! And plus which furthermore, now most Bugosilanders believe lelabug's version of everything and seem to dismiss my (perfectly logical) objections out-of-hand! Sheesh!


Featured today for everyone's delight or disdain are:-

Desdemona 'Ma' Bugosi
Dimitrio 'Devil-bat' Bugosi
Don Juan Bugosi - Shaman
Elton 'All-Bran' Bugosi
Englebert & Englebob Bugosi
Englebrian Bugosi
Engleshiva Bugosi
Eric & Ernest Bugosi
Eric,'Boer War Bugosi'
Erroll Bugosi-Von Flynn
Euphesia Bugosi - The ever joyful
Gertrude Bugosi
Ging & Gog Gugosi
Great uncle Orville
Great-aunt Bella, Uncle Henry Bugosi
Gulliver Bugosi surveys the shore