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My First Attempt at a 9 Square: Small

36 pieces
140 solves
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All the kaleidoscopes in this puzzle were created by me.


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FINALLY here, Gail!! I hope you'll excuse me doing the littlie. It's only so I can squeeze more of them in. This is a terrific debut into the world of collages! It's gorgeous. And I had a lovely time with it. Thanks so much.

And I would be interested to know how you've gone with the feedback too. In my experience, you ask 100 people what they think of something, and you get 100 different opinions!! LOL.


I like the 81 piece, too, but someone asked that I make them about 100 pieces so I did.


This is great Gail. Glad you have some more coming. May I mention that after this size a very good choice for a 3x3 is 81 pieces? That makes each design a three pieces across and three pieces down square.


Thank you, Katie and Jan. Look for a different kind of 9 square later today.


These are wonderful, Gail! It is a great puzzle. The column right down the center is my favorite group of kaleidos. Thanks so much!!


Terrific Gail! You've done a great 3 x 3! And thanks for the small sized puzzle.


Roerick, are you surviving this roller coaster weather?


Gail, addictive yes! But the only thing that happens with this kind of addiction is I don't get as much knitting done.


Wow! Thank you, all! And special thanks to you, Kirsten, for leading me to the 9 square template. Making these is SUPER FUN! As I told Barb, I have 2 more ready to go over the next few days. They are not of the traditional kaleidoscopes, so let me now how you like them, which kind you like better, etc.


Terrific first go at it, Gail. It's addictive and very time-consuming, as I'm sure you've found. There go your profile solve numbers!


Gail this is fabulous, well done for trying something different, and I hope you do many more, I've always had a soft spot for the 3x3 style kaleido image puzzle!!!


Oooh! Look at you!! It looks terrific Gail. Well done!! But for now it must reside in my bookmarks. But only for a little time. Promise!!


This is a great first attempt. Your kaleidoscopes are always so beautiful and a grouping makes it an even better puzzle. Thanks. Keep them coming.


WOW! I would have guessed that you had done many if the title was not so informative! It is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your talent. :)


Barb, they are all kaleidoscopes I posted before as singles. I'm doing Kirsten backwards. Singles first and then the 9 square. Kirsten told me about a program I could use for free, so it's the first time I have grouped them together. I have 2 more ready to go with some of my unusual "variety" kaleidoscopes. I'll post them in the next few days. Let me know which kind you like best.


I can't believe this is your first attempt, Gail. It is lovely and I do hope you'll 'attempt' many more. :-)