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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam wood


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Sorry Monica, I was running yesterday and I did miss it. I don't know about this place, but I will tell how about mostly. First, NL has a lot of rain, so mostly the trees are not dry and arid. Often you can have BBQ. When we have a dry period than they put signs. No open flames allowed, prohibited BBQ and smoking. Often there are special BBQ places, then it may only there. I know there are some places where it is banned altogether. Mostly in the parks in the big cities. That's because there is too much rubbish was left. I regret to say that this has come through the multicultural society.


You forgot to answer my question in my last comment Ank. Do they allow bar-b-ques in this wooded area? Or do you have to go to your parks to do that!


Thanks Talia, please call me like everyone does, my name is Ank.


A very nice green place in Amsterdam. Thanks for mosting puzzeljac.


Thanks Jan Jacques and Monica, yes Jacques Amsterdam has a few beautiful and large parks. Let's go for the picnic friends.


So very inviting, lovely place to have a nice picnic and throw the frisbee around! Are you aloud to have a bar-b-q here? Thanks so much for sharing your city of paradise with us Ank!...Lots of big hugs to my good friend!!


is er in Amsterdam nog zoveel groen?


Look at all that land, a perfect spot to have a picnic. So different on the outskirts of town.


Thanks Cathy and Denise. I'm glas you like it too. We also can sit in my garden, I'm busy to clean it up for summer. I did do a lot of work today, I hope we have the same weather tomorrow.


A picnic sounds great Ank, and reading under the tree is also nice. Enjoy your gardening tomorrow.


Yes, I would love to sit there and read. Thank you Ank.


Hi girls, doesn't it look lovely, nice warn, not too. A nice picnic, reading a book under a tree. It's a very beautiful park at the South West of Amsterdam.
We had a beautiful Spring day, it was warm 15C (59F). There was a heat record today in NL for this time of the year. So I have been working in the garden for hours. Tekchal I'm sorry for you. Still snow.


Hi, Ank. Thanks for this puzzle. I'm sitting here watching the snow come down and wishing for spring. Your puzzle hit the right spot.


Indeed, it doesn't look very much like a town!! Wonderful place, Ank!! Thanks so very much!!


It looks like someone is having a picnic there. Thanks Ank.


Love the view ... thanks Sis


It's a lovely park, they call it wood, but it is a park. I have often been there with Micky. Shirley if you look very well under the tree, you can see someone is reading a book.


Lovely green area.


Lovely area to take a walk or sit and read a book, Thanks Ank.


Lovely! Thank you Ank!


Trudy sorry I did not see you, thanks and sleep tight.


Hi goodevening Chookies, I agree 35C is very warm. I long for about 25C (77F). At this moment it's 4C at 9:00 AM. The sun shines, maybe it will be about 10C today. I hope. I wish you a nice evening and sleep tight.


It is far too hot for me to work in my garden, Ank, although I would dearly love to. Summer is meant to be just about over but we are getting 95-98(F) for the next 2 weeks, so I may have to put my red bikinis back on again - I'm so sorry!!!


Good morning dear, The sun is here again, there was a bit frost but not very much. Today I will work in the back garden. It's a mess. I wait sometime it must be a bit warmer, now it's still too cold. We have blooming Crocusses too. Have a beautiful day. And also for you, hugs.


Good morning, Ank. I hope you have sunshine to work in your garden. I am going to bed now, but we are promised rain tomorrow so no gardening for me until later in the week. Good night!


Good morning Ank, a beautiful place for us to picnic under a tree, thank you .-))))))
I'm so glad you have a sun and work in the garden. There is too wet, even when the sun shines longer fourth Day. Crocuses bloomed, I will send in the evening photo.
Have a wonderful day, a big hug my good friend. Enjoy the sun and do not work :-))))