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Weekly Theme 'Music and Dance': Kaleidos made from ...... Bollywood Costume Fabrics!! ~ Small

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This week's Jigidi theme is "Music and Dance", so I thought I would combine those two concepts and make kaleidoscopes from images of Bollywood costume fabrics!

The images I use are freely available, and I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, colour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. All of which takes around 2 hours.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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Thanks N59!! What a lovely thing to say. :)))


Fabulous, RW. The colours used in each section compliment each other beautifully, as well as the backgrounds. I cannot choose a favourite - they are all so glorious.


One woman's scary skulls are another woman's baby koalas, Rob! That's what Ardy thought they looked like!! LOL And I saw your terrible weather on the news. Hope all is well at Casa Rob! :)))


Why, thank you Jo! So glad you enjoyed them. :)))


It's a pleasure Katie! Big smiles here, knowing that you enjoyed them. :))))


I like all the frippery too, Edie! The costumes, the bangles, the colour the movement! Such fun!! And I hope to feel better soon too! Grrrrr. I'm sure I will soon. :)))


Indeedy I was Hester!! Pushin' out such loud snores, I'm surprised you didn't hear them from over there! LOL Glad you enjoyed this one! And thanks for your good wishes. Hope all is well there too. :)))


I can see scary skulls all around the top R one Kirsten!!!! And blue-winged dark-haired little people around the bottom L one!! They're all nice but I'd pick the yellow one as a fave!
Glad to hear you're slowly recovering and that you've got some warm weather.
We had a real doozy of a storm go through yesterday evening - not quite as bad as last Saturdays thank goodness! At least we've had some much-needed rain!


The top two are magnificent!! Many thanks for the fun!! :)


These are beautiful Kirsten! I love the 3-D quality in them. Thanks! :>)


Not a big Bollywood fan. I could probably watch the dancing if I turned if I muted the sound. I guess it's something you have to grow up with. I do remember thinking that they had some very pretty costumes though. My favourite is the bottom right, just love that shade. Hope you feel better soon, Thanks Kirsten.


Hi there Kirsten! By now you will be in the land of nod, hopefully sleeping off that blasted bug.
These are little beauties but the one which tickles my fancy most is the lovely lellow one as it is so sunny and cheery. Take care and thank you for brightening a grey Monday :-))


Marvellous stories, Ardy! And you think I would have spotted the koala babies! But I didn't!! Thanks for your good thoughts about the virus. It's all good. I'm sure I'll recover soon - and there are people with far more serious conditions than mine. I hope that I'm well enough to go back to the gym on Wednesday. By then it will have been a week and a half since I've been! And I have things on after work on Tuesday and Thursday. So if I can't go Wednesday, I may not get there at all until next week, as Saturday is out for me too! And thanks for your good night wishes. You're right. I hardly ever check my email. But I'll be using the ones you left here shortly. I can hardly stay awake! I may have to catch June tomorrow. Nighty, Night. And ((HUGS))


Kirsten, the bottom left there are little white dots at the outer edge. These are the base of a very delicate flower where the blue/green hummingbirds are drinking. Then in the top right, my favorite too, are koala babies sitting between lacy runners around the outer edge. Fun, my friend. Thank you.

Sorry you're not on top of this virus yet although it does seem to be taking a long time for people to recover. Perhaps it would be good not to push yourself too much. Take care. BTW Even if you don't check there will be little good night messages in your email about this time on days you don't post. Night night. Extra ((HUGS))


Goodo. Clothing for both extremes of the weather it is. I'll throw in some free mittens and a scarf, if you like. LOL And I am feeling better than I was on the week-end, thanks! But not 100 per cent yet. But it's nothing too serious. Just a virus. I'll recover!!!


That would be fine as well. You never know when the sun is going to come out here...

Are you feeling any better?


Okaaaaay. What about a sarong and a sun hat? And perhaps a matching bag (purse)?


How about some winter booties? I hear it snows here in Florida ... when hell freezes over!


Thanks Gail! And of course you can have the top right. I shall inform the fabrics division of RandomWorship Enterprises to ship it out immediately! Just before they package it up, any requests for a design? Blouse? Dress? Bag? Hat? LOL

And I'm on the mend, but not quite as well as I thought, unfortunately. I went to work today, but had to come home mid-afternoon. So, what with my lurgy an' all, I had a very quiet week-end. Spent in bed, or on the couch. Hope yours was better that mine. :)))


Love these, Kirsten. I always have such a hard time choosing, but I'd like the upper right lacy one, please. How are you tonight? Have a good weekend?