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Thatched cottage in West Lulworth, Dorset. Photo by Carol Walker

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Hallo there GMAJANET. I would say the majority of us English love our gardens I know I do although I don't always manage to mature a plant before the bugs get to it. I try to put 4 pictures on most days of the UK so take a look when you can. Thank you for your kind comments...Sue

Any picture I've seen of an English garden is so beautiful. The English seem to have a way with flower gardening. And Sue, you seem to have the prettiest pictures I've seen in a long while of England. Keep them coming.


This is the perfect cottage, well kept with a lovely garden set in a beautiful part of the country.
We've been following the new on Sky and CNN about the snow storm. I only remember snow that deep one winter in the 60's. Although we've had snow on and off in the winter months the kids here haven't seen anything like you're experiencing. Your little grandson will have great fun in the snow once everything has settled down. Keep safe...Sue

Hi Denise, this is a dream cottage. I just love it and could spend hours in the garden pottering around. Thanks...Sue


My dream cottage, just perfect:-) The little garden is ever so cute :-)


Nice Puzzle, Sue, I like thatched cottages.

The snow here in the Northeast US is certainly noticeable :) We have somewhere around 18 inches of snow, and the maximum seemed to be 38 inches in Milford CT. 400,000 folks have lost power last night - the winds were 35-70 mph - but ours was only off for a minute or so. That keeps us warm and still doing puzzles. And my 4 year old grandson finally had a chance to see deep snow; he's happy - kevin.


I live in the south of Texas, so not affected by the winter storm in the northeastern part of the country. Thanks for asking however!


It's a chocolate box cottage and I would love a garden like that. I meant to ask you 48 are you affected by the snow storm that's been on our news, sound very bad. Thanks...Sue


how very pretty Sue - I like the little yard and flowers as well as the cottage itself - thanks!