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IDENTICAL Green Carrots.......

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In reply to Robbiel's claim that the lower picture represents a coconut, I here show a picture of the Bonga-Bonga green CARROT, growing on a tree.......
I think everyone will see at once that the two images are IDENTICAL - therefore the Bermudian 'coconut' is in reality the Bermudian GREEN CARROT!.......


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Oh no!......Puhleeeze!......


better get churchlady to say a few prayers


Juneee, that is what I did the first time and and you saw the result.....Yoda-Baby.


I must say, this is a carrot of a different color!!! Thanks Lela! :))))
(time, 0:34)


Oh the seed pusher is just around the corner!! I'll inform her to take home much more of it, as she only took these two packages because she thought nobody on this island were interested in growing tropical plants. I'll order some for you Lela - Varda, yes, I'm afraid she will charge rather much, as she will see a possibility to have her normal deficit diminished, and for you Robbie, and you Pat!! Well, well, well, the community's economy might become considerably improved with this!!


why don't you do the reverse of everything you have done so far?


Oh, Hanne, I NEED lots of both kinds of those seeds! Where is that seed company located? Do they charge extra for postage?


Just wanted everyone to know I haven't given up on potions for KBoy. I found my Grandmother Sybil's old spell book so I will give it a another try.


Im not sure I like the look of this gift wrapped carronut, peas are from Hell and maybe it is too


Well, I think we are all learning something from this discussion........I shall order some seeds, Hanne, for our public gardens.....
End-of-your-thether........we only use squeezed tadpole droppings to nourish our plants - all natural!......
Mr.Coconut.....I believe you are insane......
Junee...Jamaican coconut stew is probably another of Mr.Coconut's inventions.......either that, or Jamaicans think carrots are coconuts also, as well, too.......


Bent just took a couple of photos of the seed packages. Here you see the Cocorot:
and the Carnut:

But there is a slight disadvantage with them as they need tropical climate to grow!!


Yes me too Hanne, I'll put an order in! I just cannot believe the drivel this so-called leader fills his site with! I just get a good laugh every time I look at his picture now!!!! If this COCONUT matures I am going to make the stew and add chicken, should be good.


Are they organic, or just normal green carrots please?


I for one would love to plant those seeds, Hanne--I'm sure my vegetable garden would be the envy of the neighbors. Think of all the new recipes I could create...! :-)))


never had Jamaican coconut stew?


By the way, did you everhear about the carnuts and the cocorots?? Our usual seed shop just advertised seeds for sale!! Anybody interested???


What a fun game this will be. Robbie you actually didn't know that your carrots were growing on trees, try to look for the coconuts in the earth where you thought you had "carrots". Now you can use your "coconuts" in stew and drink the milk of the "carrots". Won't it be fun?


david-many-numbers-also-a-gourmet.........having viewed your link, and having researched the matter investigativally, in a thoroughly professional manner, I have come to the conclusion that the author of that piece is ROBBIEL HIMSELF.....I therefore dismiss the matter as a hoax...........
raincoat-infusion.......I may assure you that the carrot is not being held grows that way, and in fact likes hanging from a twig........


It isn't easy being green.
---Kermit The Frog

Since onions have already been mentioned, I will avow that cooking with onions makes many things better, and I know davidmanymiles agrees.

Roses are red,
Violets are purple,
Sugar is sweet,
And so's maple surple.
---Bill Cosby


For our inquiring minds....Free the carrot as Bookish suggests...lets see what occurs when it has been loosed.




Yes, both are green doubt about that!......


Tsk, tsk young man.....'tis YOU who are confused......EVERYONE knows that these are carrots........Have you ever heard of anyone putting a coconut in a stew?!.......


EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!................First Texas steals our onions and Bermuda name...............Now Bonga-Bonga steals our coconuts and calls them carrots!!!...............I am definitely leaning Patsquire's way about the TRUTH!!!!!!.........(Only in a matter of speaking).............The audacity of you Lela and you even have a few ladies confused!!


Perhaps it's just Robbie's carrots that look that way...maybe they were imprinted at birth. :)




Yes, I suppose that could be mistaken for string......anyway, once it falls to the ground, it does indeed bloat out, and looks IDENTICAL to the other one........I would say that Mr.Gourmet simply picked one up from the ground and stuck it on a tree for HIS photo......


(the carrots, that is, not the trees!)......


No doubt gourmet-in-Rebmuda will say that I've just tied a carrot to a twig......however, the truth is that green carrots growing on trees are a common sight in Bonga-Bonga........they are delicious in stews.....


That is simply amazing, Lela!


Well geesh, now I am totally confused. Who do I believe?


Yes, I can see how a person would be totally confused! LOL


Here is the puzzle with the WRONG information -