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One Kind of Corner Door Store...

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In a very, very small Iowa town.


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If it was an old store, perhaps the "almost" windowless wall was used for shelving and inventory.
It's a good one, for sure.
And it's "still" there, in case they want to dabble in moonshine!


Thanks Cathy and Dondi for stopping by!! There is a old light in the peak of the roof but I can't see any shadow of a sign up there. When they replaced the door, it was shorter and they added a little step to step up into the store. The chimney, which is most likely in its original place is the right location to be just behind the counter, with the front part open for retail and also a back room. I agree the streets were widened alot over time but the sidewalks would remain the same. And another option could be they sold moonshine in there and didn't wan't many windows. Woah! Where did that idea come from!!


I like it!!! But I agree with Dondi ... one of the front windows could be on the side. Humm? Perhaps there was another house right there. Thank you, Warbler, for this glimpse of small town Iowa!!


The roads were almost surely narrower when the house was built. This sort of thing has crowded out many a house which used to have better space. The windows are weird - why a glass wall on that face, and almost nothing on the side? I wonder if the angled door was simply to let the people see who was going through the intersection in both directions? Hard to say how old the house is, but could have been horse travel at the time.


It is a tight fit there, Sandy. Thanks.


Talk about cutting corners!


I can see that, Lyndee. I can see you making it tidy and neat.

I think the corner is original, Li but the door itself has been replaced for sure, some time ago. Thanks.


That door looks like an afterthought, Dave. It's interesting....


Makes me want to get out there with my scraper. Some paint, new windows and doors........perfect.